Thursday, 29 February 2024
Thursday, 29 February 2024

Study: Dementia support services under one roof improving Quality of Life & Wellbeing

An Academic Evaluation by the University of Chichester demonstrated that Dementia Support’s one destination model is having a ‘profoundly positive impact on Quality of Life & Wellbeing’ in West Sussex.

Sage House, in West Sussex, is the first charity of its kind in the Country providing a range of Dementia Support services under one roof and building evidence is a key as they develop the ONE destination model for national replication. The interim results have proven that the key ingredients are a combination of Environment, Expertise and Integration of their many services, which all contribute to the positive impact on Quality of Life & Wellbeing. 

Located near Chichester, Sage House runs several Activities every day, offers Day Breaks, Support Groups and Personal Care services, as well as their unique Wayfinding service. Visitors are welcomed into the Dementia Support hub with the reception/community café area. Social spaces are a core part of the integrated model where they feel welcome, supported, connected and understood.

100% of respondents agreed:

  1. that the integrated approach was helpful
  2. that they would recommend Sage House to family or friends
  3. that other PLWD would benefit from having access to Sage House​
  4. that other Care Providers would benefit from having access to Sage House

The University of Chichester research team have delivered an incredibly sensitive approach to the research and they gave people living with dementia (PLWD) and their carers a variety of platforms in the evaluation. The study results reinforce that every single element of the integrated model has a direct relationship with the wellbeing and mental health of the community. 

Early indications also suggest that Sage House is having an impact on the local Health Economy, by reducing the load on the NHS and Social Services as well as enabling people to continue working.

Sally Tabbner, Dementia Support (Charity) CEO said:

“We see, hear and feel the difference we’re making for people at Sage House every single day, so to now have that reinforced by our customers and carers has been incredibly validating for the Dementia Support team. We want our customers & carers to live well with dementia – and we believe we’re on the road to evidencing that. 

“We’re also really pleased to see the early indications of reducing the load on the local health economy. That will become clearer towards the end of the year.”

Psychologist Professor Antonina Pereira, who leads the University team, said:

“An integrated approach to dementia care, such as that provided by Sage House, is of paramount importance today, more than ever, due to the multifaceted nature of the condition. 

“Dementia encompasses cognitive impairments as well as substantial physical, social, and emotional implications for individuals and for their families. That is precisely why a comprehensive approach that extends far beyond mere medical interventions is essential in order to adequately address the diverse needs associated with dementia.”

Next steps  

  • A full and final report will be available at the end of 2023.
  • Dementia Support is continually developing new services, support groups, resources and outreach programmes for their community, and to do this they fundraise locally.
  • They will continue to support the early diagnosis strategy and co-locate the NHS Memory Assessment Service within their hubs – providing immediate support the moment a diagnosis is received.
  • They’ve got their 1st replicator of Sage House in development in West Berkshire.

For more information about their model, please visit:


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