Friday, 24 May 2024
Friday, 24 May 2024

Structural Repairs voluntarily cleans war memorials in Windsor & Eton

Structural Repairs completed stone cleaning on war memorials in Eton College and the Parish Church War Memorial in Windsor.

While we kept those lost in our hearts and our minds – it was certainly with great pride that Structural Repairs were able to restore the commemorative plaques, statues, and graves in time for Remembrance Sunday. Clearing the years of grime and pollution away allows us to see the names of our heroes and pay these incredibly special people tribute ensuring no-one is forgotten.

Samantha Rayner, Councillor for The Royal Borough of Windsor And Maidenhead, said:

“The transformation is spectacular!

“At times like these [Remembrance Sunday], it is essential we come together to remember those who have fought and died for us in the past and present, particularly as Windsor is a barrack town of 4 regiments and many cadet groups. The War Memorial is central to our commemoration of that day and lists the names of our town. Many residents are still connected to those names and so to have them cleaned means a great deal.”

Structural Repairs voluntarily cleans war memorials in Windsor & Eton

Brick and stone cleaning is critical to the upkeep of memorials. Often, dirt build-up and deposits cover inscriptions or disfigure and damage these important monuments. It is worth noting, however, that unsuitable cleaning procedures more often than not cause more harm than good as they damage the delicate surfaces, wearing away inscriptions, tarnish the memorial and shorten its lifespan. The cleaning of war memorials should only be undertaken by specialists after a thorough consultation has been conducted by an industry professional. Conducting war memorial maintenance is something Structural Repairs do with great care and honour as they believe they are important embodiments and remembrances of our unique national history.

Structural Repairs voluntarily cleans war memorials in Windsor & Eton

The year 2020 has been quite something to behold, and although the year has certainly been tough for everyone, the silver lining is that nations across the world are pulling together to protect the vulnerable and keep each other safe. A spirit we have not seen since the World Wars, a real sense of ‘in it’ together with everyone helping out.

This year people have missed the familiar sight of veterans out on our local highstreets raising money with commemorative poppies as they have had to stay at home to keep safe. However, regardless of the circumstances, it was not a time to let Remembrance Day pass us by without paying tribute to the great sacrifices our heroes made to ensure we can enjoy security and freedom.


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