Strode Park Foundation: £50 Fundraising Challenge

Here at Strode Park Foundation, we are always trying to think of new ways in which we can not only fundraise but also increase our links with the local community. During February we have managed to combine both of these goals with our ‘£50 Fundraising Challenge’, where two local schools have received a start-up fund of £50 which can then be grown however they wish.

Both the Royal Harbour Academy in Ramsgate and Herne Junior School were given a time limit of one month for their fundraising activity, from 1 February to 29 February 2020. The aim is to double, triple or even quadruple their initial £50, they have been encouraged to be as creative as they like during the process. There is no limit to how money is raised and it can be through events, sales, sponsorship or even a combination of all three.

An art teacher at the Royal Harbour Academy, Katie Green, said:

“We’ve all been really excited to be taking part in the challenge as not only will it raise funds for Strode park but it will develop our students’ enterprise skills alongside giving them wonderful evidence for their leadership challenges which are part of their Silver Arts Award. Our students have been using their creativity to design and make items to sell. They have had some amazing ideas and have really got stuck into the challenge!” 

Strode Park Foundation: £50 Fundraising Challenge
Herne Juniors Money

Rachel Hopper from Herne Junior school added:

“We are extremely excited to be taking part in the £50 Fundraising Challenge. Strode Park Foundation is very much part of our community and we like to support them in every way we can. The children couldn’t wait to get started and have had some fantastic ideas!”

Both schools have been sharing their activity on social media throughout the month using the hashtag #Strode50Challenge and once it is all over, will be recognised not only for the amount of money raised but also for how imaginative they have been in their fundraising.

Community links such as these are not only vital to us as a charity but also highly beneficial to the schools (and other groups) who we work with. Encouraging responsibility, creativity and working as a team amongst other things, there is also the educational side to be taken into account. Misconceptions about disability and what it can mean are still sadly prevalent in our society but by getting involved in schemes such as these, young people can gain greater awareness and understanding and have the opportunity to get involved in creating a positive, inclusive society for all.

Strode Park Foundation: £50 Fundraising Challenge

We are hoping to run a similar challenge later on in the year and would love it if we could grow the number of groups taking part so that it becomes a real competition. Anyone wishing to join in with the next challenge can contact us via our website:

(Written by Christina Jones, Fundraiser at Strode Park Foundation)