Staff redundancies as charity goes into administration

A charity that has won numerous awards for its dedication to rebuilding people’s lives across Bury has this week gone into administration.

The charity, known as Re>build (Bury), has made seven of its staff redundant citing ‘a lack of funding’ as the major reason for its imminent closure today.

Founded in 2004, Re-build had objectives of providing affordable furniture for low-income families as well as giving voluntary opportunities to people in order for them to attain job skills.

Staff redundancies as charity goes into administration

They made the following announcement via Facebook this morning:

‘We are very sad to say that REBUILD is closing today, due to a lack of funding.

‘As a result of this closure, seven staff are being made redundant, our volunteers will be at a loss and many people living in the local area will lose essential services.

‘Our traditional town centre charity shop has closed where people could obtain very low-cost bedding and clothing (often for free if they needed a warm coat of a pair of shoes) or pick up 24 hours’ worth of Porch Boxes emergency provisions.

‘In addition, there will be a knock-on effect on council waste disposal costs, individuals will need more funds to purchase the essential items they need when setting up home, and tenancies will be unsustainable because of a lack of furniture, in particular, those where vulnerable people are housed.

‘However, we do hope that you will be able to celebrate our achievements with us, namely, over the past 15 years, we have supported around 23,000 struggling households, saving them thousands of pounds. We have provided practical training to hundreds of individuals enabling them to move into employment, diverted many tonnes of bulky goods and hundreds of litres of paint from landfill, offered a workplace environment where individuals struggling with poor mental health could be supported and nurtured to develop and get well at their own pace, supported those with English as a second language to experience a real UK workplace and improve their employment prospects, set up Men In Sheds in Bury and supported the local community in many, many more ways.

‘We are all devastated.’