Songs for however children are feeling today

Fischy Tunes is a brand new website for children launching this week, containing songs, videos and other resources supporting emotional wellbeing.

It asks children: ‘How do you feel today?’ and lets them choose their response: ‘happy’, ‘sad’, ‘angry’, ‘kind’ or ‘silly’, so they can listen and watch relevant content.

Fischy Tunes is a unique resource allowing children to access songs on a range of emotions that they may regularly face. The site contains high-quality material, including many songs written by children themselves, accompanying music videos and testimonies from children and young adults who have deliberately used songs to help change their mood and manage both good times and tough times.

Songs for however children are feeling today
Fischy Tunes

In our rapidly changing world, children face more and more challenges to their mental health and emotional wellbeing and 75% of all mental health problems are established by the time someone is 18.

Songs for however children are feeling today
Stephen Fischbacher, Fischy Music

Stephen Fischbacher, Founder and Creative Director, Fischy Music said:

“We want to offer children a greater range of resources that they can access to manage the many transitions they have to make in their lives. We believe in the transformative power of song and we want to make this as available to children across Scotland.”

Fischy Music has a long track record of supporting children going through transition, grief and loss and has worked in partnership with Seasons for growth since 2007. Moira Sugden, National Seasons coordinator writes, ‘Fischy Music effectively supports children as they negotiate change, loss and grief. Giving them access to Fischy Tunes, which is purpose-built for children, will support them beyond the end of the Seasons programme and consolidate their learning.’

Songs for however children are feeling today
Fischy Music

For 20 years Fischy Music has used songs to nurture positive mental health in children by helping them express and manage a range of emotions by singing and writing a song, with over 100 top quality Fischy Music songs used daily in UK classrooms. Fischy Music, a registered charity, is currently Crowdfunding to write 10 brand new songs that can bring hope and remind the hundreds of thousands of children of their innate value and that they are not alone. Once created, these songs will appear on Fischy Tunes and Fischy Music Online.

You can back their crowdfunding campaign on: between 3rd September and 10th October.