Sunday, 23 June 2024
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Sunday, 23 June 2024

Solihull Moors FC and Living Well UK team up to get heads in the game

SOLIHULL Moors Football Club has announced that it has scored a partnership with the region’s leading mental health consortium charity, Living Well UK, which will see the pair work together to improve wellbeing in the town.

With a goal to get everyone – from the fans to the first team – feeling empowered to think about their mental health, the club is hopeful that the partnership will get everyone singing from the same wellbeing team sheet.

The deal will see Living Well UK join the likes of Mark Goldbridge (That’s Football), Eric Lyons, and Wise, as official shirt sponsors for the upcoming season; however, beyond the pitch, the charity will also be working with players, coaches, and spectators on a series of wellbeing-enhancing programmes and initiatives. 

From charity match days to training for the Solihull Moors FC staff, Living Well UK has high aspirations for the partnership’s success. Hoping it can help to reduce the stigma around asking for help, the duo is determined to encourage more people to speak up together.

Speaking about the sponsorship deal, Ben Howells, CEO of Living Well UK, commented:

It’s fantastic to be working with Solihull Moors FC on this collaboration and we’re truly excited to get the ball rolling with the plans we have in mind. The club and Living Well UK share so many of the same values and we’re both hugely passionate about improving access to both physical and mental health programmes for people in Solihull, so it really is a win-win!

“The work that the club and the Solihull Moors Foundation already do for the region is phenomenal and we truly believe that by joining forces, we can help raise awareness of the support available to those who are struggling. Whether it’s a problem that’s been building up, an issue you’d like advice on, or just a slight wobble that has you feeling down, Living Well UK is on hand to help, with a range of free programmes available for those in Birmingham and Solihull.

Living Well UK provides free mental health support to people living in Solihull and Birmingham, promoting wellbeing from an individual and community perspective to help find practical solutions to life’s challenges. These include online stress and anxiety courses, counselling and self-help, creative therapies, and CBT, as well as a virtual therapy room with free video content ranging from yoga and low-intensity pilates to anger management and meditation.

Drawing on Living Well UK’s extensive expertise, Solihull Moors FC hopes to expand its own mental health offering to support its players and fans alike. Chairman, Darryl Eales, from Solihull Moors FC, said:

“We are so pleased to welcome Living Well UK to the team and are looking forward to working with their experts in the coming season and beyond. The sporting industry can be a high-pressure one and isn’t always known for being the most open when it comes to talking about emotional wellbeing; we hope that Moors can help to change that and show that there’s no shame in getting your head in the game.”

You can see more about Solihull Moors FC at: and to find out about the services offered by Living Well UK, please visit:


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