Monday, 20 May 2024
Monday, 20 May 2024

Smile Train: Give the gift of a smile this Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, popping to your local high street to search for the perfect gift is likely to be a tradition – but just how many years in a row has your Mum received flowers and/or a box of chocolates?

Traditionally, many people have turned to material gifts for Mother’s Day – but in recent years it has become hugely popular for people to donate to a charity in place of these.

Not only is a charity donation very practical and cost-effective to organise but giving ‘a gift that gives back’ can also feel special and unique – particularly if you choose a charity which is close to someone’s heart.

Mother’s Day is all about celebrating the mother figure in your life and bringing a smile to their face; so, what better present to give than the gift of a smile?

Here we have outlined three reasons why donating to Smile Train will make a great gift for your loved one this Mother’s Day:

Clefts are much more than a cosmetic concern

It is often assumed that cleft lip and palate are purely cosmetic concerns however, this is certainly not the case. When left untreated, clefts can lead to very serious health and survival issues for children – including difficulties with eating, breathing and speaking. Therefore, cleft surgery is vital.

The good news is that a surgeon can perform a cleft surgery in as little as 45 minutes, which is a tiny amount of time for a change that lasts a lifetime.

Comprehensive cleft care beyond surgery is life-changing

While reconstructive surgery is a key part of the cleft treatment process, there are further challenges beyond this procedure which many patients will experience. After surgery, some children may experience challenges with hearing, speech delay, and problems with oral health, which can complicate their recovery process.

At Smile Train, our comprehensive cleft care programs include essential treatments beyond cleft surgery, such as nutritional support, orthodontic care, dental care, psychological services, and speech services. This care helps to ensure long-term, successful rehabilitation for our cleft patients, thus improving their quality of life and wellbeing.

Your donation will go miles – and be turned into smiles!

In the UK and many other countries in the western world, we rarely see children with a cleft lip and/or palate. The reason for this is because cleft treatment is often offered for free on the NHS and is carried out very soon after birth.

In other, poor resource areas of the world, many babies born with a cleft are not as fortunate. These families don’t have access to either the services or the resources to carry out the appropriate treatment.

Your donation on Mother’s Day could help to support the free cleft surgery and comprehensive cleft care that is needed to give children with clefts new smiles all over the world – and the opportunity to live healthy, productive lives.

For more information about Smile Train and how to donate this Mother’s Day, please visit:


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