Sunday, 21 July 2024
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Sunday, 21 July 2024

SLCs partner with Lime for new campaign to help keep streets safe for all

SIGHT Loss Councils have this week announced a partnership with Lime – the world’s largest provider of shared electric bikes and scooters – in an initiative to ensure that the streets are safe and hazard-free for all. 

Designed to educate riders on responsible parking, Sight Loss Councils and Lime have launched new in-app messaging reminding Lime’s users to park considerately and avoid obstructing the pavements for blind and partially sighted people. Riders will even be encouraged to press an in-app button committing to safe parking for the whole community and show examples of the lived experiences of irresponsible parking on people with sight loss.

Sight Loss Councils, funded by the Thomas Pocklington Trust, are regional groups led by blind and partially sighted volunteers. Together, they work with organisations to ensure what they do is accessible and inclusive. This partnership comes at a time when blind and partially sighted people are reporting that they value street safety more than ever.

As part of Sight Loss Council’s Listening Month campaign, seventy-five per cent of blind and partially sighted people fed back that street safety was the thing that mattered most to them. Lime and Sight Loss Councils will work closely to inspire safe, tidy and responsible e-bike parking, while also ensuring affordable and green transport remains available to all.

Lime currently offers emission-free travel to thousands of UK riders every day and has become an integral part of people’s daily routines and growing levels of cycling in the UK. Over 1.5 million people have ridden with Lime since launching in the UK in 2018, and the majority park responsibly. The in-app messaging aims to educate existing and new riders so that all vehicles are parked safely.

Lucy Williams, Senior Engagement Manager for South England, said:

“We’re very pleased to have worked with Lime on this campaign to share the importance of safe parking. Making streets accessible is a priority for all Sight Loss Councils across England. We believe that all blind and partially sighted people should be able to travel and navigate our streets independently and safely. We hope that sharing our lived experience of sight loss with people who ride Lime bikes will improve parking etiquette and ensure the safety of blind and partially sighted pedestrians.”

Manish Kharel, General Manager at Lime in London, said: 

“At Lime, we’re committed to making sure that our streets are safe for everyone and we are consistently innovating to ensure rider and pedestrian safety. We’re delighted to partner with Sight Loss Councils to educate riders on the dangers and risks of inappropriate parking in our streets. Together, we hope we can drive real impact.”

Harry Meade, South West London Sight Loss Council member, said:

“As a blind person who uses a long cane to get out and about, I’m delighted that Lime and Sight Loss Councils are working together. We want to encourage everyone using e-bikes and scooters to park them safely and out of the way. Working together, we can make the streets safe for everyone.”


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