Sunday, 14 April 2024
Sunday, 14 April 2024

Sinclair Method UK continues charitable tradition with monthly donations

SINCLAIR Method UK, a company with its roots deeply embedded in the charity sector, is staying true to its ethos of community support. Despite transitioning into a limited company, the organisation remains committed to giving back and supporting those in need. Recognising the financial challenges faced by small charities, Sinclair Method UK has announced a heartwarming initiative to make monthly charitable donations.

In a recent statement, Sinclair Method UK expressed their belief that companies should play an active role in supporting communities, especially during difficult times. To uphold this belief, they have pledged to make a one-off donation of £50 to a local charity or organisation every month. This initiative aims to contribute to causes where a modest sum can make a significant impact.

Sinclair Method UK continues charitable tradition with monthly donations
January’s donation.

The company is reaching out to the public for suggestions on worthy recipients of their donations. They are encouraging individuals to nominate charities or organisations across the UK that are making a real difference in their communities. The scope of eligible recipients is broad, ranging from food banks and children’s sports clubs to animal welfare organisations and daycare centres catering to children with special needs.

Joanna Duyenvoorde, Director of Sinclair Method UK, told Charity Today:

“It can be anywhere in the UK, and ideally, will have a website or social media presence so we can link to them on our own website, a bit of free publicity for both of us!”

The initiative aims not only to provide financial support but also to raise awareness for these deserving causes. By linking to the selected charities’ websites or social media pages, Sinclair Method UK hopes to amplify their visibility and outreach.

In their call to action, Sinclair Method UK encouraged the public to share their ideas by commenting on their social media post or sending an email to: They have expressed gratitude for the community’s support and collaboration in their mission to give back to communities across the UK.

Sinclair Method UK’s commitment to charitable giving serves as a reminder of the positive impact that companies can have when they prioritise community support. Through this initiative, they are not only providing financial assistance but also shining a spotlight on the remarkable work of local charities and organisations across the UK.

As the company looks forward to collaborating with the public on this initiative, the message is clear: every contribution, no matter how small, can make a difference in building stronger, more resilient communities.

Sinclair Method UK continues charitable tradition with monthly donations

For more information or to nominate a charity, visit Sinclair Method UK’s website:


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