Significant donation will support Crawley’s homeless

Volunteers from the MCKS Charitable Foundation UK were delighted to present Crawley Open House Homeless Charity with £37,500 recently.

Every £1.00 given to Crawley Open House, pays for support which reduces costs by £7.50 for statutory services such as the Police, the NHS, Mental Health Services, Adult Social Services, etc.

Crawley Open House has supported the homeless and vulnerable of Crawley and a large swathe of Mid and West Sussex since 1994 and operates a 24-bed high support hostel, busy drop-in day centre open 365 days a year, 3 move-on properties and a community outreach team.

The Charity offers respite, resettlement and hopes to those who have fallen through the cracks in the system.

Last year nearly 16,000 people visited Crawley Open House’s day-centre, for all sorts of reasons. One thing they are offered is time with their day centre health worker, who can advise and signpost on a range of issues such as dental complaints, drug misuse, mental health, physical health, alcohol abuse and complications around the use of methadone and other prescribed medications. It is a vital lifeline for many vulnerable members of the local community.

The donation will be used to fund 50% of the Day Centre Health Worker position over 2 years.

The MCKS Charitable Foundation UK would also like to thank their volunteers who go into Crawley Open House on a weekly basis to deliver relaxation & wellbeing sessions and 1 to 1 Pranic Healing sessions.