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Sideways 6 proud to champion #UKCharityWeek

At Sideways 6 we believe the secret to success is simple – good ideas. More than this, we feel great ideas can come from anywhere. We help large organisations change their working culture, from a top-down hierarchical model to an employee-led approach. We facilitate and encourage the sharing of ideas from employees on every level of an organisation because we know it is often frontline workers – the people ‘on the ground’ – who have the most significant insight and most impactful ideas.

In working directly with communities in need, charities are in many ways society’s ‘people on the ground’, so we are proud to have the opportunity to sponsor UK Charity Week as a ‘Corporate Friend’. It is, after all, a great idea.

Creativity, innovation and open-mindedness are values we champion, both in ourselves and the clients we work with. They are also values shared by many charities, especially given the myriad challenges they face from fundraising to public relations and staff skills shortages.

For these reasons, corporate social responsibility has never just been an empty concept for us. Since our creation, we have had a clear vision to help third sector organisations and initiatives whenever possible.

When we decided to seek help with our public relations, we enlisted the services of Jolly Good Communications, a social enterprise who specialise in supporting small charities. We contribute on a monthly basis to their pro bono opportunities fund, which allows them to provide their services free of charge to micro and small charities who need it most.

Last year we were also delighted able to work with the national charity Mencap, using their employee ideas to boost fundraising efforts and provide a better service to the people they help on a daily basis.

We hope in future we can continue to help charities either through fundraising or gifts in kind through the service we offer, and that in some small way our support of UK Charity Week will be able to further the aims of charities taking part and promote their causes.