A tiny Shih Tzu is recovering in Battersea’s care after having an egg-sized bladder stone removed.

Six-year-old Mable was brought into Battersea as a stray in a very sorry state, covered in fleas and with very matted fur. X-rays were taken by Battersea’s Veterinary team which confirmed that there was a very large bladder stone discovered in such a little dog.

After a few weeks of rest and recovery at the charity’s clinic at the London centre, this resilient and sweet little dog has made a full recovery and is now looking for a home.

Shih Tzu with egg-size bladder stone now looking for a home
X ray

Emma Hunkin, a Senior Vet Nurse at Battersea, said:

“Sadly, we’ll never know how Mable ended up wandering the streets on her own, but we are very thankful to the person who found her and brought her into Battersea. For such a little dog she has lots of character proving you don’t have to be a Great Dane to be great.

“After having the bladder stone removed and a clip and shave to make her more comfortable. Mable has now been given the all-clear and we’re hoping it won’t be long before she finds a loving new home.

“Mable is friendly with everyone. She’s a quiet and chilled out dog who likes her food. Her ideal new home would include a garden so she can go for regular toilet breaks then come back to a cosy spot indoors and enjoy human company.”

Shih Tzu with egg-size bladder stone now looking for a home
Bladder stone

Battersea recently launched its new campaign, Rescue Is Our Favourite Breed, to celebrate all rescue animals and show that no matter what size or shape they are, they all deserve a second chance.

Shih Tzu with egg-size bladder stone now looking for a home
Marble now

To register to rehome Mable or to find out more about why rescue animals make the best pets, visit Battersea’s website, www.battersea.org.uk, or join the rescue movement by using #RescueIsOurFavouriteBreed.