Thursday, 20 June 2024
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Thursday, 20 June 2024

Scottish school children to receive mental health resources from Quarriers

LEADING health and social care charity Quarriers is responding to the added pressures and new ways of learning faced by children of school age as a result of coronavirus. Schools, young people and parents can now access two resources to help young people prepare for high school and learn about their own mental health.

Through its three school-based services, Quarriers recognised how coronavirus and the lockdown has affected children, young people and families and their routines in particular so wanted to offer extra support.

The first booklet focuses on the transition from primary to secondary. The Charity recognises that making the move from primary to secondary school can be exciting and scary in equal measure – even in usual circumstances. To help, they have developed a handy workbook to help children understand how they are feeling, tackle worries and prepare for the new school year. The second booklet focuses on wellbeing and provides young people with strategies to help when times get tough.

Quarriers’ school-based services are designed to support children and young people at each stage of their learning. Dedicated to supporting children and young people to reach their true potential, the Charity has many years’ experience delivering specialist, child-centred support. The resources have built on the expertise of the Charity’s Opt-in Service in Glasgow, Let’s Talk Service in Glasgow and Renfrewshire, and its Resilience for Wellbeing Service in the Borders.

Due to lockdown measures, children have been unable to take part in the transitional week which usually sees children visiting their new school, meeting teachers and generally getting a taste of secondary school life. However, this year, changes to usual school routines and schedules such as reduced class sizes and varying break times, are likely to increase feelings of uncertainty in those starting and continuing their secondary school career.

Quarriers’ Opt-In and Resilience for Wellbeing Services carefully created the workbooks to help children process and understand their emotions while providing games and activities young people can use as tools to express their feelings.

Scottish school children to receive mental health resources from Quarriers
Quarriers – School Transition Support

Fiona Nicolson, Head of Children’s Services at Quarriers, said:

“Moving from primary to secondary is a big jump for young people, so missing out on the chance to explore and learn about their new school in what is normally a really crucial week in the education calendar, will no doubt only increase the common stresses which come with learning a new environment. Other children have had their routines changed dramatically, but throughout we have made every effort to maintain contact and support young people.

“The young people we work with can face issues such as low self-confidence and peer relations which can make it particularly difficult to adapt to new situations. By providing these booklets we hope to alleviate some of the difficult emotions children across the country will be dealing with.”

Feedback on the resources is already positive with parents saying:

“It looks great, she has already enjoyed working her way through it and completing the activities’ and schools saying, “the young people will really enjoy working through it, thank you!.”

For more information on Quarriers’ Schools-based services or to access your copy of transition or wellbeing resources, please email or visit


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