Saturday, 20 July 2024
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Saturday, 20 July 2024

‘Scooter Grannies’ event to raise funds for little girl with cerebral palsy

NINE men dressed as grannies are to travel from Bolton to Lancaster on Aug 8th dressed as grannies to raise funds for specialised physiotherapy for nine-year-old Freya Bailey from Irlam, Manchester.

Freya was born with two holes in her heart and has cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Her physiotherapy, which is not available on the NHS, costs around £1,000 per month.

Dad Darren, 48, came up with the Scooter Grannies idea in 2016 to help raise funds for an operation which helped ease Freya’s pain. He now has to continue to raise money for ongoing physio which helps to keep her mobile and means she can continue to ride her adapted bike and go swimming.

'Scooter Grannies' event to raise funds for little girl with cerebral palsy

Darren said:

“Originally I was thinking of some kind of event with us dressed as superheroes but my friend Olive, who is 80, said: ‘Everyone does that, why not dress as grannies?’ So I took myself to the charity shop, bought some outfits and Scooter Grannies was born.”

In previous years, Darren and his colleagues have scooted from Irlam to Blackpool, Irlam to Chester and Huddersfield to Irlam. Darren hopes to raise around £5,000 to continue to pay for Freya’s physiotherapy.

Darren continued:

“Freya will need physiotherapy indefinitely so I have to continue to think of innovative ways to raise funds for her and keep people’s interest. Scooter grannies is great fun to take part in and gives the people who see us a laugh too, I hope.”

'Scooter Grannies' event to raise funds for little girl with cerebral palsy
Grannies Chester

Gill Gibb, CEO of Tree of Hope said:

“We’re delighted to be helping with Freya’s fundraising and Scooter Grannies is certainly an innovative event! We wish Darren all the best with it.”

To donate to Freya’s fund, visit

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