Sunday, 14 April 2024
Sunday, 14 April 2024

Schools and Youth Clubs encouraged to get creative for St Barnabas

THIS summer, St Barnabas is launching its highly anticipated HeART Trail, which is Lincolnshire’s biggest and best art trail to date. It will be fun for the whole family to find all the beautiful heart-shaped sculptures around the county, which will be located in Lincoln and other areas such as Louth and Boston.

Young at HeART will be the educational element of this trail, which will see schools and youth groups create their own heart statue, three-quarters the size of those on the main trail. By partaking, schools can create fantastic and engaging workshops for their pupils, all relevant to the curriculum guidelines.

The most exciting part of Young at HeART? It’s completely up to the pupils what their hearts will look like, including their materials and design. It’s a great way to showcase the students’ art skills and support your local Hospice.

William Farr C of E Comprehensive School in Welton signed up to Young at HeART, and students of all ages have been busy working on a sculpture representing the school.

Headteacher Jonathan Knowler said:

“We are absolutely delighted to be part of the Young at HeART Trail. We have a lot of personal connections to St Barnabas, both from staff and students, and we are proud to be working together to raise money to benefit those less fortunate than ourselves.”

Ben Price, Head of Design, said:

“We started by asking the whole student body if they were interested in submitting designs, and we shortlisted them. Now we have six students of different ages from across the school, working collaboratively to get those ideas together and take them forward.”

Ivy, a Year 7 student, said:

“It’s a really good idea for schools to get involved, I feel like it’s important, and schools need to show what they can do and show their art skills to the world.”

Each school, youth group or club that signs up will be able to source their own materials and seek advice from a local artist, known as a ‘HeARTist’, to help make their ideas become a reality.

Schools and Youth Clubs encouraged to get creative for St Barnabas

Renowned Lincoln-based artist Mel Langton is the Artist Ambassador for St Barnabas and the HeART Trail.

She said:

“Creating your very own sculptures means you can let your imaginations run wild.

“You will choose how it looks, what materials you use, and how you might paint or decorate it. It’s up to you where the sculpture is displayed after the Trail ends – indoors or outdoors, so you may need to think about how the weather could affect the materials you choose.

“It is a really exciting project to get involved in!”

There is no cost to take part in the Trail. St Barnabas encourages fundraising at least £400 to enable the charity to continue to care for patients and their families each day, and the fundraising team will be able to support participants in reaching this goal.

For more information about Young at HeART and to sign up, please visit:


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