Tuesday, 16 April 2024
Tuesday, 16 April 2024

runyourfleet.com supports lifesaving charity Arrive Alive with new responder car

TWO extraordinary organisations based in the heart of the Midlands have teamed up to save lives. runyourfleet.com has not only taken on the non-government funded charity Arrive Alive as their chosen charity but has also handed over a brand new voluntary operated lifesaving 999 vehicle to Arrive Alive.

Henley in Arden-based runyourfleet.com manages more than 30,000 vehicles across the UK and has provided sponsorship of the lease for vehicle for three years along with the livery costs so that it can be used on the roads of the West Midlands to respond to those vital 999 calls.

In supporting the Charity, Steve Whitmarsh, Managing Director of runyourfleet.com said:

“We are delighted to be able to support the fantastic work that Arrive Alive are doing with various community fast responder groups across the midlands. The service these people selflessly provide for their community is, quite simply, amazing. By providing a fully expensed car to Arrive Alive, the team at runyourfleet.com hope to play a small part in this tremendous service and aim to help grow the number of fast response vehicles across the midlands.”

Arrive Alive is the UK’s only charity of its kind solely funded by public donations and is dedicated to funding emergency response vehicles and equipment for Community First Responders. The responders who operate the vehicles are medically trained volunteers who are regulated and dispatched to life-threatening 999 calls by West Midlands Ambulance Service within communities. Each of the Arrive Alive vehicles can arrive at the scene of a medical emergency within those vital minutes prior to a road or air ambulance to initiate lifesaving assistance due to being based directly within the community.

Debbie Roscoe, Founder of Arrive Alive said:

“The support from runyourfleet.com will make a major difference to Arrive Alive and their provision of this vehicle will save more lives within the community. Arrive Alive is the only charity of its kind ensuring lifesaving voluntary operated vehicles and equipment are operational for community first responders assisting West Midlands Ambulance Service via emergency 999 calls. The group who will be operating the vehicle is Alcester Community First Responders, their need for a vehicle from Arrive Alive was identified by West Midlands Ambulance Service. runyourfleet.com has chosen Arrive Alive as their nominated charity of the year, so thank you to Steve, Jo, and the runyourfleet.com team for their continued support it really is greatly appreciated.”

To find out more about the story behind Arrive Alive and why it started its amazing lifesaving work within communities or to donate please visit: www.arrivealiveresponse.co.uk.


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