Wednesday, 17 July 2024
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Wednesday, 17 July 2024

RSBC launches global visionary art project to celebrate World Sight Day

THE Royal Society for Blind Children (RSBC) has announced its ground-breaking fundraising initiative in celebration of World Sight Day, Thursday 12th October.

This campaign, focused on promoting eye health at work, offers organisations a unique opportunity to participate in a meaningful Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) endeavour.

By supporting the Royal Society for Blind Children’s informative, inclusive, and educational awareness campaign, corporate organisations and businesses of every size and scale can make a tangible difference in the lives of blind and partially sighted children while fostering a more inclusive and diverse workplace environment and an understanding of the importance of eye health.

World Sight Day, observed annually on the second Thursday of October, provides a platform for raising awareness about the importance of eye health and addressing the needs of those living with visual impairments.

This year, RSBC aims to transcend geographical boundaries and bring together people from all corners of the world through a remarkable art project.

Participating organisations and businesses will have the opportunity to contribute to this collaborative artwork, symbolising unity, empathy, and the power of collective action.

Shalni Sood, Director of Philanthropy at the Royal Society for Blind Children said:

“We aim to raise £100,000 to support blind children and their families and raise awareness of people living with sight loss.

“It’s not just about opening up discussions around inclusivity, it’s also about the importance of eye health in every aspect of life, not just at work.”

Organisations are encouraged to donate via Just Giving and encourage their employees to review their own eye health and send a photo of their eyes to RSBC so that a commemorative piece of art can be created – a spectacular mosaic image of any eye.

Shalni Sood added:

“To celebrate World Sight Day, we are creating a unique piece of digital mosaic art made up of thousands of images of eyes to celebrate vision of all levels. We encourage not just businesses but schools, individuals, and community groups from all over the world to join us.”

By supporting RSBC’s World Sight Day fundraising initiative, organisations can align their CSR efforts with a cause that has a direct and lasting impact. The funds raised will enable RSBC to provide vital services, resources, and support to blind and partially sighted children and young people and their families, empowering them to overcome challenges, achieve their aspirations, and lead fulfilling lives – a Life Without Limits!

One of the key focuses of this initiative is promoting eye health in the workplace. RSBC recognises the importance of creating inclusive and accessible environments where all employees can thrive.

By raising awareness about eye health and fostering a culture of empathy, understanding, and support, organisations can ensure that vision-impaired employees have equal opportunities for success.

By joining this global movement, businesses can:

1. Enhance their reputation.

2. Foster employee engagement.

3. Promote diversity and inclusion.

4. Connect globally.

By supporting the World Sight Day fundraising initiative, organisations can make a meaningful difference in the lives of blind and partially sighted individuals while simultaneously reaping the benefits of a powerful [tangible health-based] CSR campaign – one which is engaging, fun, inclusive and powerful.


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