Sunday, 19 May 2024
Sunday, 19 May 2024

Rooted for the Rivers: Thousands of Trees Planted by Volunteers to Protect the Tyne

A North East charity and its volunteers have planted 11,000 trees this season.

Tyne Rivers Trust is celebrating reaching its goal of planting 11,000 trees and 1,300 metres of hedgerow plants by the end of March 2024, along riverbanks and on farmland to protect and support the Tyne Rivers, all of which were grown in Northumberland nurseries.

Simone Saville, My Tyne project officer of Tyne Rivers Trust said:

“Trees are extremely important for the protection of our rivers. They act like sponges, absorbing rainwater and slowing down the flow of water entering streams to help reduce the impact of flooding. They filter pollutants before they reach our rivers, which helps to keep the rivers clean and healthy for aquatic life. In addition, they create ideal habitats for plants, animals and insects and tackle climate change through capturing and storing carbon.”

The trees were planted by the Trust’s team of community volunteers and volunteers from local businesses supported and overseen by Trust staff.

Ms Saville continued:

“As well as acknowledging our partners for their support and funding, we have to say a huge thank you to our many volunteers who work in all weathers to achieve this amazing result. Tree planting season in the UK runs from November to March, which means our team and our volunteers are often out in wide-open spaces, in rain, wind and even snow to get the job done.”

This year is particularly important to Tyne Rivers Trust as it is celebrating its 20th anniversary. The addition of 11,000 trees planted this year, means that in total, the Trust has planted over 40,000 trees during those 20 years.

Rodrica Straker from Leazes Estate said:

“I would like to thank Tyne Rivers Trust and volunteers for the work they have put into the planting of the hedge over a considerable stretch and with some challenges. The complete hedge looks just the ticket and, when fledged, will act as a much-needed and welcome nature corridor. It will make an enormous difference.”

The trees planted by Tyne Rivers Trust were provided through funding and support from partner organisations including Garfield Weston Foundation, the Great Northumberland Forest, the Woodland Trust and Defra’s Farming in Protected Landscapes Programme, with support from the North Pennines National Landscape Team.

As well as funding the trees, support also came in the form of funding staff time, paying for fencing and tree protection, and supplying wild flower plugs and seeds.


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