Sunday, 23 June 2024
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Sunday, 23 June 2024

Rockinghorse announce the new Rockinghorse Rave with Jude Jules

ROCKINGHORSE Children’s Charity is organising a new charity rave event as part of the Brighton Fringe Festival with a range of great DJs, including the legendary Kiss FM and Radio 1 DJ Judge Jules!

If you’re someone who misses those 90s raves but can’t pull an all-nighter anymore, then this is the experience for you. 

This special event, taking place at Caravanserai, near St Peter’s Church in Brighton on 14 May, will give you a chance to dust off those whistles, glow sticks and bucket hats, and dance like it’s the 90s again. Plus, as the event will be finished by 11.00pm you will still be fresh as a daisy the next morning!

Headlining the event will be the legendary DJ Judge Jules. For almost three decades he has led the way in the world of dance music. Widely recognised as influencing an entire generation with residencies on both Kiss FM and BBC Radio 1, he also has the longest-standing DJ residency in Ibiza’s history.

Appearing on the bill with Judge Jules will be Brandon Block, who started DJing in his local pub in Harrow in 1985 and went on to have an incredibly successful career appearing on BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix, Kiss FM and on the legendary terrace at Space in Ibiza.

DJ Krafty Kuts will also be on the decks at the Rave. He is one of the key pioneers in the UK breakbeat and bass movements and has played to crowds of 40,000 alongside the biggest names in music such as the Rolling Stones and The Prodigy.

There will also be local acts playing at the event including Brighton Fringe DJs Mango Django, along with Danny Lawson and Ben Bennett.

All these amazing performers will be taking to the decks in ‘Luna Parc’, the Big Top at Caravanserai, a newly built addition to Brighton Fringe. It’s a mad, wonderous circus village reproduced from Camp Bestival and will be located next to St Peter’s Church. Think Baz Luhrmann crossed with The Greatest Showman, and you’ll have a good image of the venue.

The Rockinghorse Rave is a new event that the well-loved children’s charity has organised in order to help raise funds for a range of projects to support children and their families who are dealing with a cancer diagnosis, treatment and the impact on their mental health.

Rockinghorse announce the new Rockinghorse Rave with Jude Jules

Dealing with the aftermath of cancer treatment can be incredibly difficult for both children and parents. Their whole world has been turned around with children worrying about what their treatment will involve, having to manage their fears about having painful procedures and whether they will be able to get back to normal, return to school and just have fun.

And it’s just as impactful on parents. Along with worrying about bills, jobs and childcare for their other children, they have to watch their child undergo brutal treatment and spend hours in hospital in the hope that they will still be able to watch them grow up and reach their potential.

All of this can leave families broken, even when the treatment has finished. So Rockinghorse is raising money to fund a new psychology service for families once their child is no longer having active treatment such as chemotherapy.

This service will give them the opportunity to work through their trauma, often in the form of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD), learn to deal with an experience they never thought would happen to them and start piecing their lives back together.

So, if you want to re-live your raving days without having to take a few days to recover, then get your tickets now for this spectacular event and support Rockinghorse to make this an annual gathering of like-minded souls supporting children and families across Sussex.

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