Thursday, 18 April 2024
Thursday, 18 April 2024

Revolutionary piece of equipment will support surgeons operating during pandemic

LEEDS Cares funds revolutionary piece of equipment to help support surgeons operating during the pandemic.

Leeds Cares has announced that Leeds Teaching Hospitals is now able to begin transformative surgeries thanks to the arrival of a new AirSeal- a world’s only intelligent and integrated access system for surgical diagnostic procedures used to examine the organs inside the abdomen and robotic surgery.

The AirSeal, which was solely funded by Leeds Cares, helps surgeons operate in a clearer field without fear of venting surgical smoke and plume from the abdominal. This allows for quicker abdominal operations and reduces operative pain and patient stability under anaesthesia.

Professor Ram Subramaniam, Consultant in Paediatric Urology at Leeds Teaching Hospitals said:

“For the staff in a theatre environment, we are extremely grateful Leeds Cares have funded this piece of equipment. Some of the procedures we would usually do could potentially transmit viruses, so equipment like the AirSeal is so important to combat this and ensure we keep both our patients and staff safe.

“With the introduction of this equipment, it has allowed us to operate under considerably low pressures than we previously did. Therefore, the age of patients we perform these procedures on has come down drastically from children at one year old to children around six months and even 3 months old in some cases.”

“A huge thank you to Leeds Cares and their donors and supporters. The charity has done a great deal to help provide excellent quality care for our patients and it is very much appreciated.”

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