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Register as a Corporate Friend for only £180

We want everybody to feel a part of #UKCharityWeek, and the last thing we want is to price people out of getting behind the campaign which is why ‘Corporate Friends’ really matter to us!

A Corporate Friend is an organisation that wants to publicly show its support for #UKCharityWeek in an official capacity; these companies care about charity and without their continued support #UKCharityWeek would not be able to give charities a voice or the vital platform in which to promote themselves to so many people. The cost involved in becoming a Corporate Friend for 2018 is a flat £180, this is a non-exclusive partnership, and there are no further costs for the campaign.

What will I get for my support of #UKCharityWeek 2018?

Registration as a Corporate Friend of #UKCharityWeek costs only £180 and includes:

  • Corporate Friend Licence Certificate
  • Brand Asset Files
  • Welcome Pack
  • 2018 Social Media Follow
  • Welcome Social Media Post
  • Welcome and introductory article (supplied to us)
  • Thank You Social Media Post During #UKCharityWeek
  • Corporate Friend Page Entry (Logo & Hyperlink)
  • 5% Merchandise Discount

Ultimately, this campaign is about getting the UK public talking about our favourite causes as well as carrying out some fundraising activities for them. The small amount we raise from Corporate Friends does not even begin to cover the costs or administration involved in the campaign, but this element of #UKCharityWeek goes a long way to engaging even more good people with our Partner Charities. So thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support of our nation’s charities and this fabulous campaign.

Click here to pay your registration fee and begin the registration process.

Upon checkout you will be asked to submit your company’s information.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch via the contact page.