Sunday, 19 May 2024
Sunday, 19 May 2024

Rays of Sunshine launches Ray for a Day 2024 campaign

RAYS of Sunshine is launching this year’s Ray for a Day campaign, taking place on 20th June 2024, to help fund more magical wishes for seriously ill children across the UK.  

The fundraising drive takes place annually on the longest day of the year, the Summer Solstice. With the money raised, Rays of Sunshine can help make the world a brighter place for children when they need it the most.

It is Rays of Sunshine’s mission to turn the world yellow with sunshine on 20th June 2024. There will be 16 hours from sunrise to sunset to shine in schools, offices, and communities. Wear yellow, host a bake sale, take on a challenge – whatever you do, every action counts.

By becoming a Ray for a Day and donating to Rays of Sunshine, supporters will help grant more magical wishes for children like seven-year-old Olivia. She was born with cystic fibrosis, a lifelong lung condition which affects her breathing. Her illness means she is in hospital a lot, and her days revolve around medication, physiotherapy and keeping watch for complications.

Tanya, Olivia’s mum, said:

“When we told her that she’d been granted a wish by Rays of Sunshine, I think she was a little lost for words. She kept saying, ‘I’m so lucky!’.

Olivia loves horses, so our Wish Granters organised her tickets to the Horse of the Year Show, and a meet and greet with Olivia’s favourite YouTuber, Harlow, who makes lots of videos about her horses.

Tanya said:

“Seeing my little girl meet her hero was just so heartwarming for me. Olivia deserves the world, and in that moment, I know she felt so special. I think walking into HOYS was like entering a dream world for Olivia.”

According to Tanya, Olivia’s wish has had two main benefits. It has cemented in the seven-year-old’s mind that she wants to work with horses in the future, and it has given her something special to talk about which doesn’t revolve around her illness.

Rays of Sunshine launches Ray for a Day 2024 campaign

This Ray for a Day, the campaign clock will begin ticking at sunrise and stop at sunset, giving fundraisers nearly 17 hours of sunlight to have fun and raise vital funds to make more magic happen.

Dan Assor, CEO at Rays of Sunshine, said:

“We hope people across the UK join us for Ray for a Day, on the longest day of the year, and help make the world a brighter place for seriously ill children and their families.

“However and wherever you choose to fundraise, taking part will help us to grant more magical wishes as special at Olivia’s.”

Sign up to Ray for a Day today, and fundraise on 20th June, and you can help grant more wishes for children like Olivia.

To find out more about Ray for a Day, please visit:

To find out more about Rays of Sunshine’s work, please visit:


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