Tuesday, 25 June 2024
UK Charity Week 2024 - Sponsored by Sinclair Method UK
Tuesday, 25 June 2024

Pre-COVID-19 fundraising solution becomes the leading new-age support for charities

In 2019, while spending months organising fundraising events for charities in the South East of England, Cliff Bogle, founder of Virtual Quiz Events for Fundraisers, quickly identified that something needed to change.

It was clear that the charity sector needed new ways to make life easier for fundraisers and reduce the money, effort, and time that was being spent organising events. Additionally, with people’s increasingly busy lives impacting their ability to attend fundraiser events, technology had to make it easier for charity supporters to contribute.

There had to be a way that charities could have fundraising events without any of the cost or effort of traditional events and enable supporters to take part from anywhere in the world. Hence, Virtual Quiz Events for Fundraisers was developed in 2019 and launched to the UK in January 2020.

Requiring no fundraiser effort of organising, hosting, question setting or marking, and generating automated fundraising and prize-winning, it is the only 100% fully-automated fundraiser quiz platform and has become one of the leading methods of virtual and online fundraising.

Cliff said:

“It’s been fantastic to have been able to deliver something that takes the strain and effort away from fundraisers while still giving them an ability to hold fundraising events for their causes, even before the COVID-19 lockdown and restrictions. In just 8 months, to have been able to donate £50,000 to just a small number of UK charities is really pleasing, particularly with how charity income has and is continuing to be affected by this year’s events.

“It was important to provide something that was of absolutely no cost to charities or fundraisers, and not require any of their effort or time to organise, as I had seen at first-hand how little net profit was being made through fundraising events. So it’s been pleasing to be able to deliver this to charities large or small, and to anyone raising funds for a social cause.

“It’s been additionally pleasing that the platform has had international demand. When we initially launched it was only available to UK fundraisers and we could only make donations in GB Sterling. However, we received enquiries from charities around the world from places such as Canada, Australia, USA and more, asking us when they could use us. So, as well as the UK we’re now available to charities and fundraisers in 23 countries where they can have their quiz events at their own time-zones and we can make donations now in their currencies too.

“It’s been great to have been able to support charities and fundraisers with our fundraising platform and provide something positive through this challenging year so far, and we aim to donate tens of thousands more before the end of the year.

“We’re especially honoured to be part of Charity Today and UK Charity Week, and we look forward to helping many more charities plug the fundraising gap that they are experiencing, and provide them with income to help them continue to deliver the great work that they do.”

If you would like to find out more about Virtual Quiz Events for Fundraisers and how it can provide you with fundraising income, please visit: https://www.virtualquizevents.com/quiz/


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