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Police investigate ‘sabotage’ of charity cycling event


POLICE Scotland are investigating what is believed to have been an attempt to sabotage Scotland’s biggest cycling event.

Competitors in the Pedal for Scotland charity on Sunday were confronted with mindless acts of vandalism.

Almost 8,000 people took part in the event.

Competitor Shona Mitchell posted a picture on her Twitter page showing her front tyre studded by a tack.

Another Twitter user called “Buttons and Robin” wrote: “My ride was cut short due to a tack. Some riders had two or three in their tyres.

“Mechanics (heroes) couldn’t keep up. Was a damn shame not to ride those last 10 miles.”

A Cycling Scotland spokesman said: “We regret that the action of an idiotic individual or group of people has caused problems for event participants and risked serious injury to people.

“It has also slowed us down in opening the roads again.

“The operational team helped remove the tacks as soon as they were reported.”

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: “The matter was reported to police around 13:10 on Sunday on Station Road.

“A number of bikes were damaged. However, no cyclists were injured.

“There were also reports of tacks being placed on the road in and around Linlithgow.”

The investigation continues.