Friday, 21 June 2024
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Friday, 21 June 2024

POhWER strengthens its senior executive team with two new female appointments

THE advocacy, information and advice charity, POhWER, has strengthened its senior executive team with the appointments of Fiona McArthur-Worbey and Julie Born.

The charity, which is led by Helen Moulinos, is proud to now have an executive team that is four-fifths women and a team of on-the-ground advocates – of whom 80% identify as female.

Fiona McArthur-Worbey, who has played a valuable role at POhWER for over 14 years, will be taking on the newly created post of Director of Fundraising and Engagement. Leading a team of seven professionals in service design and development, Fiona will oversee all activity involving public relations, social media, external communications, engagement, media and income generation.

Fiona first joined POhWER in 2006, working as a Community Advocate for over three years. Since then, she has worked her way up from Independent Mental Health Advocate and Project Manager at HertsHelp, to holding the position of Head of New Business for over six years – in which time, she implemented and managed an Income Generation and Diversification strategy, developed new branding, led POhWER’s social media presence from conception, and developed POhWER’s strategies across external communications and campaigning.

Equipped with a wealth of experience around POhWER’s work and what the charity stands for, as well as a diverse skill set, Fiona is exceptionally well-suited to manage the responsibilities of her new role as Director of Fundraising and Engagement.

When speaking about her new position, Fiona said:

“I’m so proud to have been entrusted with the role of Director of Fundraising and Engagement and to become part of the senior executive team – it’s such an exciting time for POhWER, with the opportunity to have real influence and drive meaningful change right at our fingertips.

“Over the past 14 years, I have also had the privilege of watching POhWER grow from strength to strength – providing crucial services for more beneficiaries than ever before, tackling human rights issues that should be at the forefront of all conversations, and stepping up during times of crisis, like the coronavirus pandemic, to support all those who need help.

“Seeing all this first-hand has made me thoroughly look forward to seeing what POhWER can achieve on the behalf of our beneficiaries, and I’m thrilled to be playing a part in helping it get there.”

Joining Fiona on the senior executive team is Julie Born, who has been appointed as the charity’s People Director. Previously training as an accountant in her early working days, Julie quickly learnt that her passions lay elsewhere – in supporting and developing people. She moved into recruitment and then HR, gaining her CIPD qualification before joining POhWER last December in an interim capacity.

When speaking about how her passion for working with the charity sector started, Julie said:

“During my time as an independent HR consultant, I had the privilege of working with some amazing charities who are so passionate about what they do and the support they offer. I found POhWER to be no different – a group of skilled professionals speaking on behalf of people who wouldn’t be heard otherwise.

“So, when I saw the position of People Director role being advertised, I knew I had to apply. POhWER not only matches my own ethics in terms of fighting for human rights and equality for all, but it also makes a real difference in people’s everyday lives. What more could I want from a role?”

POhWER’s Chief Executive, Helen Moulinos, added:

“I am so pleased to be welcoming Julie into the role of People Director and Fiona into her new position as Director of Fundraising and Engagement. They will complement the existing skills and experience of POhWER’s Executive Team, which includes Deputy Chief Executive Lyz Hawkes and Chief Finance Officer Tim Jarvis.

“POhWER will never stop doing all it can ensure everyone’s voices are heard, and rights are upheld – we are doing more and going further than ever before, and I feel very fortunate to be leading the helm with this exceptional team at my side and excited about the positive impact we will have over the years to come.

“It feels apt that our Executive Team is representative of the diversity of POhWER’s significant female workforce.”

To learn more about the impactful work POhWER is carrying out, please visit:


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