Tuesday, 23 July 2024
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Tuesday, 23 July 2024

Picker engages more than one million people to drive meaningful change

INTERNATIONAL healthcare charity Picker has described how its work to measure, understand, and improve people’s experiences has led to meaningful change for patients and staff, publishing its 2021-22 Impact Report.

The report outlines the extensive support that Picker has delivered to help improve person-centred care during a period of unprecedented challenges for health and social care organisations.

During the year, Picker:

  • Provided more than 1.4 million patients, service users and staff with opportunities to evaluate their experiences of care;
  • Managed the 2021 annual NHS Staff Survey which collected almost 650,000 responses, making it the world’s largest workforce survey;
  • Hosted a national roundtable discussion which gathered experts to discuss and provide insights around people’s experiences of working in social care;
  • Developed a deeper understanding of the existing and future needs of veterans for Help for Heroes;
  • Completed innovative work to give a voice to general practice staff, listening to and learning from people across the NHS; and
  • Acquired Howard Warwick Associates (HWA) to widen its portfolio and understanding of care experiences and outcomes across the private, public health and care sectors

Picker partnered with 230 organisations in 2021/22, supporting them to improve the quality of person-centred care they delivered. It also provided support for 4,000 people with their improvement work, delivered 192 workshops and presentations and published two peer-reviewed papers.

Chris Graham, Picker CEO, said:

“During a time of extreme challenges for health and social care systems, we have helped policymakers, providers and professionals to make sure patients, service users and families and carers are at the heart of how services are designed and delivered.

“The pandemic has placed enormous pressure on already strained resources. Patients and families have felt the impact through delays at the point of care and in waiting for procedures. Staff have faced difficulties too, working in challenging conditions following the pandemic. Understanding people’s experiences as patients and staff is more important than ever to help drive and sustain meaningful change.

“Our latest Impact Report highlights our achievements in contributing to meeting these challenges by improving person-centred care. We’re proud to have been able to make a positive difference in health and social care.”

Picker is an international charity working across health and social care with a vision of the highest quality person-centred care for all, always.


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