Wednesday, 29 May 2024
Wednesday, 29 May 2024

Picker awarded renewed multi-year contract to coordinate the annual NHS Staff Survey

LEADING health and social care charity Picker has announced its contract has been renewed to coordinate the annual NHS Staff Survey for a further three years, following a competitive tender process.

The NHS Staff Survey is understood to be the largest workforce survey in the world and has been conducted every year since 2003. The aggregated survey results are designated as Official Statistics, providing a rich source of data that is used by a wide range of NHS organisations to inform understanding of staff experiences locally, regionally, and nationally.

Picker was first appointed to coordinate the survey in 2011 by its then-owner, the Department of Health. The survey’s ownership moved to NHS England in 2013 and Picker has served as the Survey Coordination Centre responsible for carrying out the staff survey for over a decade.

During its stewardship, Picker has successfully worked with its sponsors to expand the scope of the survey and to develop its impact. Using a gold-standard approach to survey design, analysis and reporting Picker has overseen transformative changes. From the rollout of a mixed-mode design, moving from a sample to a census, and to the introduction of an online reporting tool, changes have modernised the survey.

Recently, Picker worked with NHS England and stakeholders to redevelop the survey to align with the NHS People Promise enabling organisations to understand better how they are delivering against core elements of experience such as retention, well-being, equality, diversity, and inclusion.

The survey has also become more inclusive, ensuring that almost all staff in participating organisations are given the opportunity to take part: from consultants to care assistants, and from porters to paramedics. In 2022, the eligibility criteria were extended to include bank-only workers, a key part of the NHS workforce, increasing understanding of the working experience for this group.

Chris Graham, Picker Group CEO, said: 

“We are delighted to renew our contract with NHS England to coordinate the NHS Staff Survey for the next three years.

“The survey offers a crucial voice to staff in the health service and it is integral to informing policy and improving workforce experiences. Having coordinated the survey for more than a decade, we have taken great pride in its growing importance and impact. Today, the survey is rightly valued by leaders across the NHS as one of the most important sources of evidence about quality and workforce experience.

“We look forward to working in partnership with NHS England to implement further improvements, continuing to show that the NHS Staff Survey is a trusted source of intelligence for understanding and improving working cultures in the NHS.”


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