Friday, 21 June 2024
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Friday, 21 June 2024

Philanthropic Fund Awards £3,000 to Headway Kent Ltd

THE Albert Burns Children’s Trust Fund, one of the ninety philanthropic funds administered by Kent Community Foundation, has this month announced funding totalling £47,500 for eight grassroots organisations. One of the beneficiaries of the latest funding is Headway Kent Ltd, which received a grant of £3,000 to support carers in Thanet who look after young people with acquired brain injuries.

Headway Kent Ltd explained in their funding application that they are often the first point of contact when a carer is in crisis. They take calls from distressed carers who feel they cannot go on anymore and are sometimes asked by carers if they can drop their loved ones off, as they just can’t cope. The funding from The Albert Burns Children’s Trust Fund will be used to run vital carer support groups which will hope to avoid reaching a crisis point or family breakdown and prevent or reduce the need for NHS or Social Services support.

Jenny Walsh, Chief Executive Officer, Headway said:

“The unsung heroes for acquired brain injury survivors are their carers and family members. Many carers reach breaking and crisis points as they try to cope alone. Without carers, many survivors would remain in or be readmitted to hospital, and need extensive social services interventions, and help from other statutory services. As we are often the first point of contact when a carer is in crisis, we applied for funding to provide a weekly support group in Thanet.  The support group will be facilitated by a counsellor to avoid crisis points and family breakdowns and prevent or reduce the need for NHS or Social Services support. The new group will offer a safe space to share experiences, understand acquired brain injury, learn coping mechanisms, and understand the new identity their loved one now has.”

Richard Durrant, Partner at Boys & Maughan Solicitors and one of the Albert Burns trustees said:

“We are delighted to have been working with Kent Community Foundation since 2014 to distribute funds from Thanet philanthropist and businessman Albert Burns who left instructions in his Will for us to create a legacy for children. Under the direction of Kent Community Foundation, we established a significant legacy fund in his name, that will continue to benefit local communities in Thanet for years to come. Working with their experienced grant-making team allows the Albert Burns Children’s Trust Fund, to reach many more Kent children’s charities than would have been possible if we had attempted to manage the trust independently.”

Natalie Smith, Director of Grants and Impact and Deputy Chief Executive of Kent Community Foundation said:

“Since 2014 the Albert Burns Children’s Trust Fund has distributed over £368,000 to good causes in Thanet. This month the Fund has supported applications from, Cliftonville Cultural Space, Millmead Children’s Centre Partnership Ltd, Porchlight, Foreland Fields Charity, Mama to Mama, Thanet Disabled Riding Centre and The Margate School as well as Headway Kent Ltd with funding of £47,500. Philanthropic funds like this are critical  to ensuring  a strong and stable voluntary sector in Kent and on behalf of the organisations may I say a huge thank you to the Albert Burns Children’s Trust Fund and all the other funds we manage for their continued and valuable support.”

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