Sunday, 19 May 2024
Sunday, 19 May 2024

Persistent probate delays ‘appalling’ says wills firm

A wills specialist, that has helped over 100,000 people write their wills thanks to the efficiencies of its technology, has slammed the probate office after news broke of them extending the cuts to their phone lines services indefinitely.

Carl Christensen founded FreeWills in 2018 with a simple mission, to create a positive impact that benefits both legacy donors and a wide range of charities.

In late 2023, FreeWills reached a major milestone, having helped their charity partners to benefit from charitable gifting through wills on the FreeWills website to the tune of £100 million.

However, whilst probate is an incredibly complex area of law, Carl is shocked by the latest setback for grieving families who are experiencing further delays due to a seemingly flawed system.

Carl said:

“Probate is complex but this is now getting ridiculous and it is impacting countless people. It’s appalling that the persistent delays at the probate office have not been resolved yet.

“The delays are inflicting intolerable hardships leading to countless families being trapped in uncertainty, enduring significant financial distress while awaiting their rightful inheritances.”

FreeWilIs was built with extensive input from will-writing experts and is 100% free – it is even possible to create a new will to replace an old one, at no charge.

Carl attributes FreeWills’ success to its proprietary will-writing software, which has been developed in-house with contributions from legal experts. That unique platform, combining legal expertise with user-friendly technology, ensures that the process of writing a will is accessible to everyone.

As a result, FreeWills has shown remarkable growth, with the number of wills written increasing year on year, with March 2024 being the firm’s best month ever, topping 4,000.

Carl concluded:

“This is about inefficiency. These delays at the probate office continue despite numerous assurances of improvement—assurances that have remained unfulfilled. I am concerned that resolving these issues is not being prioritised adequately.”


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