Paul O’Grady asks the nation to ‘give Greyhounds a chance’

Paul O’Grady falls for one of Battersea’s most misunderstood residents in the latest episode of ITV’s For the Love of Dogs.

Sidney, a former racing Greyhound, captures the television personality’s heart as he steps off the van for a new life at the much-loved animal rescue in the eighth series of the popular TV series.

Dismayed to hear that Greyhounds – one of the most common breeds to come through Battersea’s gates – take longer to rehome than other dogs simply because of their appearance, Paul takes it upon himself to start campaigning for people to take on these couch potatoes.

Rob Young, Head of Operations at Battersea, said:

“It’s so sad to hear many people who come to us to rehome say they don’t want a Greyhound – in many cases, because they think they need too much exercise and because they’re not seen as ‘cute’ like other dogs. The truth is, Greyhounds are often the canine equivalent of a cat. I’ve met so many who love to spend hours snoozing on the sofa and are very loving and gentle.

“Sidney is a really sweet-natured dog who loves snuggling down under a blanket and playing with cuddly toys.

“We were so pleased Paul took up the mantle to encourage people to rehome Greyhounds. We want people to come to the rescue with an open mind rather than relying on clichés about breeds that are often outdated and untrue.”

Paul O'Grady asks the nation to 'give Greyhounds a chance'

Paul leads the call for people to rehome Sidney and his fellow Greyhounds on Wednesday night’s episode of ITV’s Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Dogs. Tune in to see if Sidney found a sofa to snooze on – and learn more about Battersea’s new campaign, Rescue Is Our Favourite Breed, by visiting