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Parkinson’s UK aim to tell the world what Parkinson’s truly is through #UniteForParkinsons

Parkinson’s UK has joined forces with organisations from more than 150 countries on World Parkinson’s Day (Wednesday 11 April) to raise global awareness of Parkinson’s as part of the ground-breaking #UniteForParkinsons campaign.

#UniteForParkinsons, a campaign launched in April last year by two of Europe’s leading Parkinson’s charities – the European Parkinson’s Disease Association (EPDA) and Parkinson’s UK – aims to raise international awareness of the condition and bring together the 10 million strong worldwide Parkinson’s community.

Following on from 2017’s hugely successful campaign, this year organisations and people with Parkinson’s will be uniting to show what Parkinson’s truly is. With more than 40 known symptoms of the condition, Parkinson’s can impact on every area of a person’s life, from relationships to going out in public and mental health.

To illustrate this, the organisations will be launching a campaign video on the 11 April, made up entirely of people with Parkinson’s from across the world talking about or showing what the condition means to them.

Thousands of people affected by Parkinson’s will also be sharing their own videos on the day using the hashtag #UniteForParkinsons, to change perceptions on what Parkinson’s truly is.

Steve Ford, Chief Executive of Parkinson’s UK, said: “We are proud to be part of this exciting campaign to once again throw an international spotlight on the issues people with Parkinson’s can face.

“Parkinson’s affects everyone differently but we are all united in the fight to raise vital awareness and overcome the daily challenges people face due to the lack of public understanding of the condition. 

“On World Parkinson’s Day, we want all people in the UK to show their support by watching and sharing our campaign video, or if you have a connection yourself, why not create your own video about what Parkinson’s truly is to you and share it using the simple #UniteForParkinsons hashtag?

“We’re really looking forward to seeing the impact the worldwide community can make for everyone affected by Parkinson’s.”

World Parkinson’s Day, 11 April 2018, is the birth date of UK surgeon, James Parkinson (1755–1824), who first identified the condition in his landmark paper ‘An Essay on the Shaking Palsy’ in 1817.

For more information, or to watch and share the campaign video, please visit UniteForParkinsons.org