Send a Cow Ethiopia yesterday joined thousands of people responding to a call from the Ethiopian government to plant 200 million tree seedlings, in just one day, although some estimates have said this figure could be as high as 350 million!

The South West based charity work in six African countries to support people to grow their own futures and, to date, have helped over two million people eradicate hunger and poverty from their lives.

Beating the world record set by India in 2017, staff and project participants from the Kutaber Developing Business Women project took part in the national tree planting campaign; echoing the work of Wangari Maathai, who won the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize for her work in founding the Green Belt Movement.

Aklilu Dogisso, Country Director for Send a Cow Ethiopia, said:

“We are very happy to have taken part in this initiative, supporting the Government’s commitment to helping the land and the people of Ethiopia with the Green Legacy project.
We know through providing training in sustainable agricultural techniques how important trees are for our future. I hope this campaign inspires other countries and other governments around the world.”

In Ethiopia, Send a Cow project participants know that we must come together if we want to create a tree-filled future. In Wolayita, 120 members of the local community transformed eight hectares of land, roughly the size of 11 football pitches. The charity supported people to get involved, but it was the community’s driving force and commitment to the project which made it such a success.

Donald Mavunduse, Director of International Operations at Send a Cow, said:

“Of course, this is just a small-scale project. Billions, rather than thousands, of trees will need to be planted globally to capture the amount of carbon needed to slow climate change. Nevertheless, if we can all harness this community spirit and put the needs of the planet first, then we might actually make this tree-filled vision a reality.”

Eighty-two volunteers from Send a Cow Ethiopia and Give Hope Ethiopia, a local NGO, participated in the planting campaign at Millennium Park in Addis Abba, together planting 575 seedlings as part of this national action.

Wondwossen Teshome Mekuria, Communications and Marketing Manager at Send a Cow Ethiopia, added:

“We have been working on natural resource management, tackling overgrazing by providing forage seedlings to farmers as well as addressing rapid deforestation for firewood by helping farmers use fuel-saving stoves. Our participation in this historic day is leaving a green legacy for future generations. I am very happy that I took part with my four children, Lulim, Lydia, Bethel and Caleb. They will remember this day for the rest of their lives!”