Friday, 21 June 2024
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Friday, 21 June 2024

Over £3,000 Raised for Hospice Care During Warehouse Lock-in

THIS week, a special Lock-in event took place at St Barnabas Hospice’s flagship charity shop, The Warehouse in Lincoln, to help shoppers get ahead of their Christmas shopping and snap up incredible bargains.

During the Warehouse’s first-ever public Lock-in, shoppers were able to browse exclusive stock along with a Christmas section full of gifts, decorations, clothing and much more. Over 600 items were sold in just two hours, raising over £3,000 to support St Barnabas’ mission to bring high quality, compassionate and dignified care to those who need it in Lincolnshire.

On top of browsing thousands of items, attendees had the opportunity to try the Pin Gin 40th anniversary St Barnabas gin and rum, while Barbell Burger Co provided delicious loaded chips and the Barefoot DJs played great music.

Special guest Jennifer Brady, better known by her social media name Charity Shop Girl, was in attendance to share her passion for sustainable shopping and supporting charities. Jennifer shares her obsession with bargains on Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn, with tens of thousands of followers following her journey.

Over £3,000 Raised for Hospice Care During Warehouse Lock-in

Jen brought her famous wicker basket to Lincoln, and her first stop was the St Barnabas charity shop on the High Street in Lincoln, just at the bottom of Steep Hill. Here she met shop deputy manager Sharna and shop assistant Emma and enjoyed a nosey around the retro-themed store before heading to The Warehouse.

Jen said:

“I’ve visited Lincoln quite a few times, with this vintage shop always being my favourite in the whole city; I didn’t know it was a St Barnabas charity shop, so I’m very excited to find that out.

“The Lock-in event was so much fun. It’s great to see so many like-minded people here who love shopping sustainably and share that same passion for keeping perfectly good items out of landfills. I’ve picked up some really great pieces, and some still have their tags on, so they’re brand new! Make sure to go into your local St Barnabas charity shop this Christmas to get some great bargains and shop more sustainably.”

Caroline Peach, Head of Retail at St Barnabas Hospice, commented:

“Now more than ever, people are looking at budgeting for the festive season. By shopping in our many charity shops across Lincolnshire, you can save money, pick up unique items, do your bit for the environment and support our cause all at once!

“It was such a wonderful event, the feedback has been incredible, and we raised over £3,000, which is a real testament to the quality of our donations, for which we are very grateful. A huge thanks to everyone who came along; we will look at organising more Lock-in events in the future and look forward to the continued support of local shoppers.

“We are always looking for donations and shop volunteers. It’s a great way of making a difference in your local Hospice, and it is tons of fun too. You get to meet interesting people, have lots of laughs with colleagues, gain valuable skills and, of course, get first dibs on all those amazing donations!

“If you’re interested in volunteering, pop into your local St Barnabas charity shop to have a chat with the staff and volunteers there or take a look online.”

Over £3,000 Raised for Hospice Care During Warehouse Lock-in

Find your local St Barnabas shop at On top of the 25 county-wide shops, you can also purchase merchandise via the St Barnabas online shop, find great gifts and collectables on eBay, and find some designer items on Depop.

To find out more about volunteering for St Barnabas, visit


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