Tuesday, 16 April 2024
Tuesday, 16 April 2024

Original Baron donated to St Barnabas Hospice to ‘Stay in Lincolnshire’

LINCOLN residents Lynda Quartey and Andrew Grimes have donated an original Baron, named Sir Walter, to St Barnabas Hospice to bring cheer to visitors to the Inpatient Unit on Nettleham Road in Lincoln.

They are donating the Baron as a thank-you to St Barnabas for caring for Lynda’s daughter Maria in the same Inpatient Unit during the last month of her life. She died on 27th January 2015, after a battle with breast cancer, aged 41.

The Inpatient Unit is currently closed for refurbishment and is set to reopen in November 2022, fully modernised and with many new features – including the donated Baron in the reception area.

Lynda and Andrew bought the Baron, hand painted by artist Mel Langton, at the official Lincoln Barons Charter auction in October 2015. The pair were drawn to its bright colours and theme of fashion and shopping, all of which reminded them of Maria, who was kind and vivacious in life.

Lynda said: “Maria loved shopping; she would always be going into charity shops, including St Barnabas shops, to find great bargains and alter them to suit her personality and style. When asked where she had obtained an outfit from, Maria was always proud to say charity shops! She even had a feather boa, just like Sir Walter is wearing, when she was out collecting with her friends for St Barnabas over many years.”

The Baron has been residing in Lynda and Andrew’s kitchen/diner ever since they won the auction, brightening up their home and reminding them of Maria every day.

Andrew said about Maria’s care from St Barnabas: “Nothing was too much trouble for the staff, everything she needed was made available, and the care was exceptional.”

Lynda added: “The staff made sure that the whole time Maria was in the Hospice, she could be surrounded around the clock by close friends, which meant a lot to her and us too. Her funeral in Manchester saw people flying in from across the world, as she had made so many friends through her years of travelling.

“We are so grateful to St Barnabas for all they have done to support Maria, her friends and us as a family.”

The couple is looking to move out of Lincolnshire next year and wanted to donate the Baron to the charity, which is very close to their hearts.

Lynda said: “Sir Walter needs to stay in Lincolnshire, and we’re very happy he will be greeting visitors to the Inpatient Unit in Lincoln when it reopens. This is where he belongs, and it’s where we said goodbye to Maria, so it is very fitting.”

Andrew commented: “If it makes just one person smile when they come through the doors during a difficult time of their life, then the Baron’s donation is all worth it.”


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