Oral Health Foundation falls victim to premium-rate phone scam

The Oral Health Foundation has fallen victim to a bogus premium-rate telephone scam.
The scam involved fake telephone numbers being set up as its helpline, with callers consequently being charged significant amounts.
The charity has now reemphasised that the only number for the dental helpline is the local Rugby number, 01788 539780.
In a statement about the scam, the charity’s chief executive Nigel Carter said that if people had been given any number except the 01788 one, they should tell the charity.
“The welfare of those who reach out to our dental helpline is really important to us,” he said.
“It is always best to check the validity of a helpline number before calling or signposting people towards it. This is especially true if it is about a person’s health. In this case, their financial safety might be at risk too.”
The fraud came to light after the charity was contacted numerous times from people who had been charged large amounts.