Thursday, 13 June 2024
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Thursday, 13 June 2024

Only 1.5% of charities get 70% of the sector income

Launching as a BETA today, UK tech start-up whatimpact is a ground-breaking and innovative tool designed to revolutionise the social impact world. The platform uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to match organisations together. Like a dating site, only like-minded organisations with shared values and impact goals will be matched to guarantee successful impact for both parties.

whatimpact will bring together businesses, charities, social enterprises and grantmakers in a two-way marketplace. It will set a new precedent in the way that CSR and grant relationships are established, managed, and reported on. Companies with numerous stakeholders will be able to share engaging and detailed updates and monitor success in the form of easy-to-read, standardised impact reports which can be delivered in short and more extensive formats (aligned with upcoming British Standard 8950). All profile holders have access to automatically created sharable partnerships videos for use on social media, to help engage internal and external audiences. Those organisations with small, or non-existent CSR, marketing or HR teams will have access to the same tools, benefiting from the instant infrastructure the platform will deliver. It is also open to the public, so those interested in social impact and an organisation’s role in delivering it can follow the progress and take part in with their own contributions.

Crucially, the platform is designed to link up any company or grant-maker which has the resource to give, with any UK registered charity or social enterprise looking for financial support or product and service donations. whatimpact can cater for any size of organisation in the UK, on the day of the launch, the platform already has an interesting selection of both Supporter and Recipient profiles set up. The Supporter organisations vary from finance companies looking to volunteer to product companies looking to donate food, technology gadgets and other products. On the Recipient side, profile holders represent social enterprises and a wide variety of charities looking not only for money but skills, products and services. For a full list of testimonials please see the Notes-to-Editors.

Tiia Sammallahti, CEO/Founder said:

“We are here to help save time and money from both Supporters and Recipients, ensuring that the most impactful causes and projects can be delivered with maximum efficiency. This benefits society as a whole. whatimpact is a fully transparent marketplace where everyone has access to the profiles and interactions. We do not only help organisations to match but help them build their reputation and stakeholder engagement – together.” 

whatimpact is onboarding hundreds of organisations before Christmas and offers free subscriptions for a trial period for all. whatimpact is collaborating with several social value umbrella bodies such as Social Value UK, Social Enterprise Institute, CSR Accreditation and Social Enterprise Mark.

The challenges whatimpact sets out to combat are:

  • 50% of charities admit to accepting time donations from their CSR partners out of obligation, when in fact it has little impact and often costs them resources
  • 1.5% of charities get 70% of the sector income
  • Charities use £3.2 billion annually to obtain donations. £1.1 billion of this is used to apply for grants
  • 10% of charities are currently mentored by company representatives whilst over 45% claim they would value this
  • Only 40% of charities receive skills-based volunteering but 70% need it

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