Monday, 16 May 2022
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Monday, 16 May 2022

Online will writing company helps people leave a legacy of £20million to charity

An online will writing company is celebrating having helped people to leave £20million pounds to charity – and it is urging smaller charities not to miss out on their share of legacy income. is the second-largest Will writing company in the UK and their free online service allows people to create a legally binding will, from their own home, in 3 easy steps.

Carl Christensen, the Managing Director of FreeWills is proud to have made it easy to have helped so many people write a free will and as part of the process leave money to a range of charities they feel passionate about.

Online will writing company helps people leave a legacy of £20million to charity
Carl Christensen. Photograph credit:

He said:

“We provide high-quality, convenient, personalised free online will writing service and we subtly encourage people to leave money to a charity they care about or which has offered support to them or a friend or family member.” enables people to leave money to charities in their Wills – and has now hit the milestone of a staggering £20million in their wills to over 500 different charities. People left an average of between £5,000 and £10,000 each to charity.

FreeWills uses the latest technology to allow people to create a will from the comfort of your own home in just 15 minutes – there is no need for a physical appointment. Its online will writing software produces a tailored, personalised, comprehensive will to suit individual needs.

Online will writing company helps people leave a legacy of £20million to charity
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The website works by presenting people with a series of questions, with a comprehensive help section to guide them through the process. The questions are in plain English, and you work step by step through the process, choosing executors, guardians for your children if applicable, who you would like to leave money and specific sentimental objects to, who you would like to inherit your possessions and any special requests you may have for your funeral arrangements. It is also possible for couples to make mirror wills.

The company is a full member of The Society of Will Writers and it has grown to become the second-largest Will writing company in the UK.

Carl is now urging more small charities to register their good causes on the site and to encourage their supporters to use its free will writing system, to help them to build vital legacy income.

He said:

“We know a lot of smaller charities would like to be able to help people leave money to them in their wills, but they feel they don’t have the resources – well we are here to help them.”


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