Wednesday, 19 June 2024
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Wednesday, 19 June 2024

Online raffle system available now to boost charity fundraising

THE COVID-19 pandemic has hit a lot of us hard. Charities have been especially affected due to the often physical nature of their fundraising, which covers door knockers, volunteer collectors and physical fundraising events.

Yet, due to the wide-ranging effects that the pandemic and its associated lockdowns and other restrictions have brought, many people now need charities and their services more than ever. This has created the perfect storm of increased need with decreased funding.

One way to break the cycle is to move the fundraising work online. During lockdowns, as people have stayed or worked from home, many daily aspects have moved online, such as shopping and meetings. So why not fundraising, too?

There are a number of options when it comes to online fundraising, however, one that never fails to work and be understood is the old school raffle. TOM-BOLA is a brand new online raffle system that is specifically designed for charity fundraising. 

The TOM-BOLA raffle system takes care of everything needed when creating and managing draws – from player account management to payments to configuring tickets. Each ticket can be customised to display words, symbols or images that have meaning to the charity and will resonate with their brand.

Raffle tickets are displayed in digital form without giving physical tickets or processing winners manually. It’s a solution that has already been adopted in Denmark by Muskelswindfonden, and it’s open worldwide.

The system is ideally suited for charities that normally fundraise directly with the public. As their regular, face-to-face activities have been reduced significantly over the last 18 months, an online raffle system is a logical choice to promote to their volunteer and donation base.

TOM-BOLA is available and accessible in the UK for any registered charity. The company works with the charity directly to create a bespoke online raffle system that reflects the charity’s brand. Once marketing strategies and designs are agreed, the system is then set up ready for raffle draws and fundraising.

With the increased move to online behaviour, shifting fundraising focus from the physical to the virtual worlds can help recoup lost fundraising revenue due to the pandemic. And, like other aspects of our pandemic life, this has the potential to exceed pre-pandemic revenue by increasing the reach and availability of fundraising more than has ever been possible before.

Instead of relying on physical interactions with donors, all that is needed now is an internet connection. Being Covid-safe, with immediate and broad reach, all while reducing environmental impact and financial overhead compared to traditional fundraising methods.

Your charity can get back on track with TOM-BOLA.


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