NSPCC launches new ad campaign to increase legacy income

The NSPCC has unveiled its first legacy TV advert in almost 10 years.

The campaign ‘Guardians’, will air on ITV3, Sky and London Live amongst other channels.

The NSPCC has an ambitious goal to increase its legacy income, with the campaign aiming to inspire supporters to become a guardian for the next generation by leaving a gift in their will to the NSPCC.

In the ad, which was developed by creative agency, Atomic London, a young boy falls from the sky but is caught by a woman. A voiceover then says: “Please leave a gift in your will to the NSPCC and help be there for every child. Become a guardian for future generations.”

The aim of the TV advert is to create a memorable, emotionally engaging moment, since it can often take many years before people take action to write or update their will to include a gift to charity.

The advert celebrates the role of the donor in helping to keep children safe through their kindness in choosing to leave a gift in their will to the NSPCC.

Rosalind Parry, NSPCC Fundraising Manager said: “Legacy donations make up around a fifth of the NSPCC’s voluntary income and are vital in helping us keep children safe from abuse and neglect.

“Without these donations it would be harder for us to provide therapy and support to survivors of abuse and help them on the road to recovery. It would also be more difficult for us to help prevent children and families from finding themselves in vulnerable situations.

“We hope this new advert inspires more people to become guardians of the young people of the future, so they can live on through the work we do to change the lives of millions of young people.”

Two versions of the advertisement have been created with 30 second and 60 second versions appearing across broadcast and online media.

The advert runs until 4th June. If you would like to find out more about becoming a guardian for future generations, please visit nspcc.org.uk/guardians