Saturday, 13 July 2024
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Saturday, 13 July 2024

NSPCC appoints first-ever Chief Technology Officer

THE NSPCC has appointed Greig Sharman as its first-ever Chief Technology Officer.

Greig joins the NSPCC from the University of Leeds, having previously been their IT Executive and Deputy Director of Information Technology.

Greig will ensure modern digital capabilities are woven into the organisation’s future strategy and that the charity makes the best use of emerging technologies. With a broad remit to deliver programmes, initiatives and platforms that support the charity’s ambitious targets, the new Technology Directorate is critical to help drive success and scale the organisation to meet the increasing demand on its services.

As a member of the NSPCC Executive Board, Greig will lead the NSPCC’s new Technology Directorate. This new directorate will bring together Information Technology, Supporter Data and Digital Production teams, and take the charity’s use of digital capabilities to the next level.

His arrival comes as the NSPCC warns that the pandemic has taken its toll on children. Contacts to Childline show that the uncertainty and worry caused by the crisis have taken a toll on their mental health. At the same, the NSPCC’s frontline teams and helpline fear the risk of abuse and neglect has increased with young people out of sight and cut off from their usual support networks.

Over the last 12 months, the NSPCC’s frontline teams, including Childline, the helpline for adults and services in communities, have adapted and innovated to overcome the challenges of the pandemic – and make sure they can still be here for children.

Greig brings years of experience in delivering technology-enabled change and transformation in private and public-sector organisations. Greig has previously worked across multiple sectors including healthcare, pharmaceutical, finance, manufacturing sectors and most recently higher education.

His appointment is the latest in a series of board-level recruitment at the NSPCC as the charity aims to build on its 130-year history, shape its future and inspire more people across the UK to help prevent abuse and neglect.

Last year the charity saw David Hamilton join as the new Director of Communications and Marketing; Dr Maria Neophytou join as the new Director of Strategy and Knowledge and Claire Johnson take on a new role as Director of Services.

On his appointment, Greig said: 

“I am both delighted and feel a great sense of privilege to be joining the NSPCC at this time. I am very much looking forward to working with an amazing new team so we can shape technology and broaden our digital capabilities, to enable our staff and continue the great work that is done by the NSPCC.”

NSPCC Chief Executive, Peter Wanless said:

“We see time and again how technology is influencing pretty much everything we do in a fundamental way, and I am looking forward to welcoming Greig as our first Chief Technology Officer. Greig will help us integrate this perspective across all our work to help ensure what we offer is relevant to how we live our lives now and into the future, whether through our services for young people or how we raise essential funds to fuel the impact we seek.”

Greig is set to join the NSPCC this week.


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