It takes time to plan your events and fundraising strategies
With just over nine months until UK Charity Week 2019, you might be forgiven for thinking that the organisers of the campaign will at this stage be taking a hard-earned break, you would be wrong.

Work has already begun to establish the daily themes, photography and various strategies to deliver yet another hugely successful campaign than in previous years.

UK Charity Week founder Lee Rayment said:

“The problem we have sometimes is conveying the message that this is a partnership and the basis of that is formed by a coalition of charities and businesses working together to promote the sector. Often people sign up and just sit back and do nothing hoping for miracles. It’s lazy, why would you pass on so many fundraising and awareness opportunities?”

He added, “UK Charity Week continues to bring charities closer to the public in ways that no other campaign alike has proven to be able to do. It’s therefore imperative that the charities utilise the opportunities presented to them by UK Charity Week, and to do that they need to start the process of registering and planning right now, not a month before because it is then entering the mind, now, this is when the potential can be reached!”

#UKCharityWeek is a campaign designed to give the people of the United Kingdom an opportunity to place awareness and fundraising for charities high on the national agenda, and at a time of the year when people are statistically at their most giving.

#UKCharityWeek is always held within the first full week of December, which in the case of 2019 is 2nd-8th December.

For more information or to register as an Official Partner Charity, please click here.