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Nottingham Charity Donates Vital Resuscitation Dolls to Hospital

Thanks to donations from fundraisers, Nottingham-based charity, The Harley Jae Trust, has been able to donate two resuscitation dolls, at a cost of £9990.75, to the Long-Term Ventilation team at Nottingham’s Children’s Hospital to train staff and parents.

The charity, which supports children with life-limiting conditions and their families was set up by, Chairman, Joe Rafter and his family whose son had a rare neurological condition before sadly passing away in 2013. Since then, they have already worked with the hospital as part of their BIG Appeal to renovate ward rooms and other fundraising events to fund equipment.

Before receiving the new dolls, the hospital had been using regular resuscitation dolls which couldn’t be manipulated in a way that allows parents of children and hospital staff to practice the range of skills that include tracheostomy suctioning and care, gastrostomy feeding, catheterisation and others.

The new dolls can also be used to simulate different emergency situations such as a chest infection or difficulty breathing which can all be controlled from a sim pad. The pad can also show simulated vital signs and control scenarios. Breathing is another simulated feature to the extent that sounds can be heard from the chest and mouth.

The Long-Term Ventilation Team at the hospital will use the dolls to train parents and carers before children are discharged from the hospital. This is in hope that parents will be able to effectively deal with emergencies themselves, preventing crucial time being lost seeking medical attention.

Joe Rafter, Chairman of the Harley Jae Trust commented: “We hope the resuscitation dolls can be used as an effective addition to the Long-Term Ventilation Team at the hospital. It’s great to see the resources be put in to train staff and parents on how to resuscitate and care for the most vulnerable children.

“We could not have raised enough money for these dolls if it wasn’t for all of our dedicated supporters who donate to us every month and help us during our fundraising events. Without the public, the trust would not have been able to donate the money towards the hospital for the dolls.”

The Harley Jae Trust have continuously supported the facilities at Queens Medical Centre Hospital for several years, carrying out fundraising events as part of the hospitals BIG Appeal which aims to raise £4m by 2021. These fundraising events have included running Equinox24 race in September as well as donating £14,000 in December last year and a further £10,000 for the Children’s Critical Care Unit. Last Christmas, The Harley Jae Trust also carried a present dash to raise spirits of families and children by decorating and giving out presents, something they will also be repeating this year.