Saturday, 20 April 2024
Saturday, 20 April 2024

Nottingham charities partner to launch volunteering scheme

An exciting new volunteering initiative that will help support the needs of residents in the Meadows area of Nottingham is set to be launched this month.

Local charities Notts County Foundation and the Bridges Community Trust have partnered with Meadows Community Helpers to enhance the amount of support available for local residents on a day-to-day basis.

The new scheme will be strengthened further thanks to a dedicated page on the HelpMyStreet website, which was established in 2020 by Nottinghamshire entrepreneur Mark Hawkins in order to assist individuals supporting their communities throughout the pandemic. Already established in the Ruddington area of Nottingham, HelpMyStreet aims to make volunteering and finding volunteers safe, simple and effective for everyone.

Sam Crawford, Head of Business Development at Notts County Foundation, said:

“Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, togetherness and local support have been vital in supporting communities through this unpredictable time. From assisting with weekly shopping to just having a conversation with someone who’s feeling lonely, the importance of helping others when and where possible cannot be underestimated.

“Notts County Foundation is proud to support the invaluable work of the Meadows Community Helpers, and we look forward to working alongside all of the selfless volunteers to help support as many people in the local community as possible.”

Mark Hawkins, Founder and Director of HelpMyStreet, said:

“I am really excited about this local project. The collaboration between three organisations who all understand and are passionate about the Meadows area of Nottingham should make the scheme a real success, and we are incredibly pleased to be able to provide the digital platform to bring this initiative to life.”

The platform will enable local residents to register as a volunteer and help match them with local requests for support, with tasks such as shopping for essentials, taking out bins, digital support or a friendly chat with those most isolated all being available.

Sarah Robertson, Community Engagement and Impact Manager at the Bridges Community Trust, said:

“This is a great project that showcases how local community organisations working collaboratively can really benefit our local area and the lives of residents. This platform is a great tool in bringing volunteers and local people in need of support together in a safe, organised and convenient way.

“Our community has done some great work during the pandemic, supporting those who are in need of additional assistance. HelpMyStreet will allow that work to continue within our community.”

The launch of this innovative new scheme in the Meadows area will help further the vital work carried out by the pre-existing Meadows Community Helpers since March 2020. It will also help expand the scale of support within the area.

Chris Henderson, a volunteer from Meadows Community Helpers, said:

“During 2020, the Meadows community did an incredible job of coming forward to support one another in the toughest periods of the pandemic. This new initiative will build on that amazing work and allow us to continue long after COVID-19 passes.”

For more information about Meadows Community Helpers, please visit:


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