Sunday, 19 May 2024
Sunday, 19 May 2024

NHS Charities Together #OneMillionClaps raises £1 million for health service heroes

NHS Charities Together #OneMillionClaps campaign has raised its first £1 million with over 200,000 people supporting the campaign by donating £5 and sending messages of thanks to NHS nurses, doctors, staff and volunteers saving thousands of lives during the coronavirus crisis.

ITV, the official broadcast partner for the campaign, dedicated the whole day to all the NHS heroes on the front-line fighting Covid-19, thanking them and spreading the news about the campaign. The NHS day took over the regular schedule from Good Morning Britain through to News at Ten. ITV has also donated airtime to ensure millions more see the appeal ad.

A short film featuring NHS staff and people from across the UK has been produced to promote the appeal. The film – voiced by David Walliams – features a re-recording of the Queen classic ‘We Will Rock You’ with a new lyric – ‘NHS, We Love You. We Say, We Say, Thank You.’

#OneMillionClaps is part of National COVID-19 URGENT APPEAL, which was launched two weeks ago by NHS Charities Together – the official umbrella organisation for NHS charities.

Each £5 donation will be used to provide a range of supplies and support for NHS staff, volunteers and patients – including food, travel, accommodation, electronic communication devices to keep in touch with family and friends and, importantly, mental health support and counselling. Individual messages of support will be forwarded to local NHS charities and sent to the donors’ local hospital.

If the campaign generates a million claps, this appeal will raise at least £5 million for health service workers – and significantly more if supporters make a Gift Aid declaration that enables the charity to reclaim tax on their gift.

Some #onemillionclap messages:

CLAP nothing makes me more proud to be British than the NHS, especially now – you’re all absolute heroes. Thank you. Sarah

CLAP thanks to the NHS for being super helpful and supportive to my pregnant friend whilst she was recovering from coronavirus in hospital. They ensured a speedy recovery! Laura

CLAP Thank you all for your courage, your dedication and care. We so appreciate how hard it must be to face, what must frequently be, heartbreaking and frightening situations. Thank you all for being there and continuing to care. Karen

CLAP We are so proud of our NHS. You are so brave and strong. You are our greatest treasure. Thank you, now and always Amy

CLAP your dedication, and hard work does not go unnoticed, thanks so much for your help in these tough times. Joe

CLAP Everyone appreciates what you are doing for your country and the selflessness you show by going to work every day and putting yourself at risk to save the lives of others. You are our heroes, Hannah.

CLAP You didn’t know this was going to happen, and it must be so tough for you, but I’m SO glad you’re there for us. THANK YOU NHS Pete

CLAP thank you so much for caring so selflessly for my mum in her last days and my son in his first days. I’m in awe of what you do x Tom.

Ellie Orton, Chief Executive of NHS Charities Together, said:

“The public support for #onemillionclaps has been extraordinary and humbling. To have over 200,000 people join the text-to-donate campaign and give over £1 million in just a week is remarkable. We are currently distributing these messages of thanks to our hospitals. These messages have touched every one of us.

“Like everyone I’ve been incredibly moved by the millions of us showing our public support for our health service. I really hope #onemillionclaps inspires those who can to give a donation that will make a real difference to the amazing staff and volunteers who are daily saving lives and battling against this horrible virus on our behalf.

“Every single penny raised for nurses, doctors and NHS staff in this way will go to help those health service workers who are working so hard and risking so much to help us.

“Thousands of staff are risking their lives every day for us, and many of them are now sick themselves or at breaking point. If we can raise £5 million through #onemillionclaps, it will go a long way to providing them and their families with the support they so desperately need.”

Brian May said:

“This amazing project has taken shape in record time. It was only two weeks ago that NHS Charities Together first brought the idea of #onemillionclaps to me, along with the request to use the song We Will Rock You with repurposed words ‘NHS WE LOVE YOU. WE SAY WE SAY THANK YOU’ My first call was to Roger, who was immediately enthusiastic, and the whole Queen team warmed to the concept, especially because, as they put it … ‘When it comes to Britain clapping together and doing something amazing, there’s only one soundtrack!!’ I’m particularly happy that my song should be used to help this campaign raise funds to support all the hard-working and committed NHS staff, and we, as Queen, are honoured to be a part of it.

Clare Phillips, Director of Social Purpose at ITV, said:

“ITV is proud to be backing such an important campaign – that not only raises money to help support the people in the NHS supporting all of us but also enables us to thank them. ITV’s NHS Day was a great way for ITV to help make sure that the One Million Claps campaign raises as much as possible.”


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