Thursday, 23 May 2024
Thursday, 23 May 2024

New strategy strives for world-leading outcomes for young cancer patients

TEENAGE Cancer Trust, a charity dedicated to providing specialist nursing care and support for young people with cancer, has published its ambitious new strategy which aims to ensure every young person with cancer in the UK has equal access to world-class care. 

The strategy, ‘Putting Young People First’, will see the charity further invest in its NHS frontline services; its nurses and youth workers and specialist units for young people with cancer. Through its funded researchers and clinal experts, Teenage Cancer Trust will continue to shape health policy and with the transformation of its digital offering, including a new website that is now live, the charity will be the go-to source of age-appropriate information and advice for anyone concerned about cancer in young people.

The strategy is underpinned by four principles that will ensure the charity remains focused on the needs of young people:

  • Equity: making its services accessible to all young people with cancer, with no one left behind.
  • Provide the best care and support: through consistent, sustainable, high-quality facilities in NHS hospitals and specialist staff to meet young people’s unique needs.
  • Tackle the isolation of cancer: for young people by providing the information, professional and peer-to-peer connections they need.
  • Lead the way: using expertise, reach, partnerships and platforms to amplify the voices of young people with cancer and ensure their needs are met.

Kate Collins, Chief Executive, Teenage Cancer Trust, said:  

“Teenage Cancer Trust pioneered teenage and young adult cancer care over 30 years ago and since then, together with our NHS and sector partners, it has grown into the high-quality patient-centred service that it is today.  However, in recent years there have been advancements in science, technology and treatment and we know we can do better.

“As we emerge from the pandemic, which has put our health service under unprecedented strain, we risk the gains of the last 30 years being unwound. So, as we rebuild cancer services, we must also strive to improve them. The recent announcement of a ten-year cancer plan is a hugely welcome move and this, alongside our strategy, brings our vision of world-class outcomes for young people with cancer, a step closer.”

The charity has also today published a Statement of Intent on Diversity and Inclusion, with a commitment to all young people with cancer and their families that it is dedicated to putting Diversity and Inclusion at the core of everything it does.

The recent launch of Teenage Cancer Trust’s new website was a landmark moment for the charity and one that signalled the start of the journey towards a more inclusive and diverse world-class teenage and young adult cancer service.

Kate continues: “Young people tell us that when they hear they have cancer, they feel isolated and scared. Teenage Cancer Trust’s new website is the centre of our digital world and a place that young people can turn to at any time, for trusted information and advice.

“We want to put young people at the very heart of everything we do, and we will continue to ensure that the support we provide is reflective of the diverse voices and experiences that make up our patient group. The launch of the website is just the start, and I am incredibly excited to see where this takes us.”

New strategy strives for world-leading outcomes for young cancer patients

Last year, in response to the increased demand coronavirus placed upon services within the sector, Teenage Cancer Trust formed a partnership with Young Lives vs Cancer and the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust. The partnership has already begun to streamline services and provide a stronger sharedvoice on issues that matter most to children and young peopleliving with cancer.

Kate continues: “Over the past 12 months, the partnership has worked together to identify areas where we can combine knowledge, expertise and resources so we can support young people better.

“Now as we look to the future, we will continue to play a role in each other’s strategic planning, identifying opportunities to work together to increase our reach and using our expertise to influence health policy. Effective partnerships like these will help the charity get increasingly closer to ensuring that by 2040, young people with cancer in the UK will have the best outcomes and quality of life in the world.”


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