Wednesday, 22 May 2024
Wednesday, 22 May 2024

New research reveals key demographic and motivational factors for charity donations

RESEARCH commissioned by Motive and conducted by YouGov has revealed important demographic and motivational factors for charitable giving.

The study, which surveyed individuals from across the UK, found that male donors over the age of 55 were the most likely to donate, with 34% reporting charitable donations in the past year.

The research also revealed regional differences in donor behaviour, with the highest proportion of donors living in Yorkshire and the Humber (14%) and the lowest in the North East (3%). Additionally, the study showed that 68% of donations were made by individuals aged 51 and over.

When asked about their motivations for donating, 56% of respondents said they believed in the cause, while 12% had personal experience with the charity. Additionally, 11% of respondents said they believed in giving to charity, and 9% wanted to support a friend through sponsorship. 

The study also found that health and medicine received the highest percentage of donations, with 28% of respondents contributing to this cause. Disaster relief followed closely behind at 21%, while children and young people received 20% of donations and animal charities 19%.

Despite the number of people giving to charity in the UK declining significantly, with an estimated 4.9m fewer people in 2022 saying they donated to charity or sponsored someone than in 2021, the research found that only 14% of respondents had not donated to any charity in the past 12 months. With 29% of respondents donating between £11 and £50 in the past 12 months, and 7% of respondents donating over £1000.

Alex Blomfield, founder, Motive said:

“The findings of our research provide valuable insights into donor behaviour and preferences and can inform charities in their fundraising and communication strategies. By understanding their donors’ motivations, causes of interest, and giving habits, these findings can inform charities in their targeted fundraising and marketing campaigns.”


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