The latest briefing report from The Forward Trust gives an insight into the employment challenges faced by ex-offenders and people in recovery from addiction. It also details how the charity is addressing these issues by investing in skills and employability training in partnership with employers.

Pulse #6 describes how Forward’s unique approach not only helps tackle long-standing prejudice but provides employees with vital skills and training needed to address the changing requirements of the economy – upskilling people to move out of low paid atypical roles, such as zero-hours contracts or agency work with little stability or chance of progression, and helping them to build a future with a clear career trajectory.

New report on employment and skills development for ex-offenders and people in recovery from addiction

Ex-offender, Mez, is one of the hundreds who have successfully found permanent employment:

“The job helped me to do well after I was released from prison – it helped me to care about myself and to want an even better life for myself. It helped me to stay busy and out of trouble, which probation and my family was very happy about. I took my job seriously and worked very hard. I was always on time and I even worked overtime when I could. My family are so proud of me and I’m proud of myself too”.

Asi Panditharatna, Forward’s new Divisional Director of Employment Services commented:

“By providing employers with trained, motivated and hard-working individuals for their workforce, we believe we have contributed significantly to a shift in employer attitudes towards hiring ex-offenders and people in recovery. Whilst more work is still needed to convince employers that people with records of offending and addiction can turn their lives around, an increasing number of employers are coming forward who are willing to give a second chance to ex-offenders in the workplace.”

The full briefing report can be found here.

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