Friday, 21 June 2024
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Friday, 21 June 2024

New patron appointed at Tenbury Transport Trust

A charity which provides a transport lifeline for people in parts of Worcestershire, Shropshire and Herefordshire has appointed a new patron.

Angela Brinton served as Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Worcestershire for a number of years and has extensive experience in charity work. The appointment is a key move by Tenbury Transport Trust as it raises its profile and awareness of the service it provides to the local community.   

Tenbury Transport has been providing a safe, reliable and professional transport service for people who don’t have adequate transport of their own for more than 21 years and later became a charity in 2014.

Mrs Brinton’s service to the community has included being Chair of Kidderminster Hospital, County Commander of St John Ambulance and Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Worcestershire. She was instrumental in raising £1m for Macmillan for a palliative care unit at Evesham Hospital, worked on the Air Ambulance Help Appeal and still devotes time to helping at a local hospital and hospice.

She said:

“I am delighted to be joining Tenbury Transport Trust and look forward to helping out in any way I can. The trust is local to me, and I am only too aware that there are a lot of people in and around Tenbury who need this valuable service.

“The trust is essential in the lives of many people, providing a lifeline for those who don’t have the benefit of a car in a rural area which also has little or no bus service. If you are in this situation and need to get to an appointment at the hospital, dentist or elsewhere, then you’ve got a problem.

“Some people don’t drive, and as we get older, not everyone is able to, so providing that service is vital for people to get about and do what they need to do in their everyday lives. There is little public transport available and where it does exist it doesn’t suit individual needs whereas the trust tailors itself to its customers.

“I would love to help raise the profile and people’s awareness of the trust and the work it does. These days I much prefer to work with smaller charities who are doing an equally good job but are slightly more unseen and unsung.”

Mrs Brinton said the trust has some wonderful people all doing wonderful jobs and appealed for anyone who has a little bit of time on their hands to volunteer as a driver.

She added:

“Hopefully, people will give some thought to getting involved. For example, taking people shopping who just can’t get to the shops or other appointments – there’s a whole load of things that we can do to help.

“Our drivers may also be the only contact some people have during the course of a week, someone to talk to which is good for their mental health, something I feel very strongly about.

“It’s good to offer a befriending attitude, and people get so much out of helping others. All the voluntary organisations I work for are really happy because people get more pleasure from doing things for others than in doing things for themselves – it’s very cathartic in many ways, and I’m pleased to do my bit to help.”

Wendy White, chair of Tenbury Transport Trust, said:

“Mrs Brinton has earned the highest respect for her service to the community over many years, and we are delighted that she accepted the invitation to become our patron.

“Having such a high profile figure associated with the trust can only benefit the ongoing work we are doing in providing an essential lifeline service to the community we are committed to.”

Tenbury Transport is hosting a barbecue for all its volunteers at the Green Meal, Oldland Common, as a thank you for their ongoing hard work and dedication when restrictions allow.

Tenbury Transport is looking for volunteer drivers, office staff and Trustees, so anybody who thinks they could contribute to the work of this amazing team of people, contact Kay in the office on 01584 810419 or call into the office at 34 Teme Street Tenbury Wells 9am to 1pm Monday to Friday to talk about the difference you can make to members of your community. 

Please visit: or follow them on Facebook @TenburyTransport for more information.


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