Sunday, 23 June 2024
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Sunday, 23 June 2024

New guide aims to help charities build better partnerships with businesses

A new guide from Ecclesiastical aims to help charities build better partnerships with businesses.

Research by the specialist insurer found three in five (62%) charities in the UK do not currently have a corporate partner, yet two-thirds (67%) agree that working with business is essential for their future.

With many charities struggling with the aftermath of coronavirus, building closer links with the corporate sector is more important than ever.

Building a Movement for Good: A Practical Guide for Charities and Businesses draws on insight from leading charities to provide advice and guidance on how to make the most of working with a corporate partner.

For charities, it provides hints and tips on how to find the perfect partner, from the initial approach to developing the relationship beyond donations and volunteering. For businesses, it provides a framework for building deeper engagement and maximising the benefits of working with a charity.

The report draws on insight from beneficiaries of last year’s Movement for Good awards, who took part in a roundtable discussion on how charities can better engage with business. An in-depth survey followed to get a deeper understanding of the issues.

Chris Pitt, corporate responsibility manager at Ecclesiastical, said:

“At Ecclesiastical we believe business should be a force for good. In these challenging times, as charities struggle to cope with the impact of coronavirus, we think this is more important than ever.

“Owned by a charity, we make profits so that we can contribute to the greater good of society. While our model is different, we think all businesses can adopt this philosophy to some degree.

“There are many generous businesses out there providing money and volunteers to charities, but the quality of engagement differs enormously. We wanted to produce this guide to help both charities and businesses get the most of their partnerships. We’re incredibly grateful to our Movement for Good £50,000 beneficiaries for sharing their trials and triumphs to help shape this guide.”

Tom Robertshaw, Fundraising Manager at Candlelighters Trust, who attended the roundtable said:

“There has been a shift in recent years. Companies want more from working with charities than just a mention at the annual meeting. They want positive publicity. They want to get staff involved because it’s a great team bonding opportunity. They want connections to the community that charities can offer. We need to start thinking of it as more of a B2B partnership than generous corporate benefactor and grateful charity.”

The Movement for Good awards saw £1million given to good causes last year. Ten charities from across the UK received £50,000 to fund innovative projects that will make a real difference in their communities.

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