A new fundraising service has been officially launched, providing a simple, time-saving way to organise money collections for birthdays and other occasions, encourage sustainable gift-giving and raise money for charity.

Called Fundzzle, the online platform is the brainchild of co-founder and CEO Catherine White.

Catherine said:

“I was inspired by my children, who wanted to help those in need and protect the environment. The idea is for people to be able to contribute towards one great gift, a charity or both. The one gift concept helps reduce waste from too many presents, wrapping and cards.”

The Fundzzle platform is free to create and send a personalised invitation, which has a link to RSVP. Organisers can then track responses, send messages and thank you notes and collect good wishes for a group card from their private dashboard.

If the organiser chooses the group gift and/or charity collection option, which are subject to a small management fee, they can specify the group gift and select from the list of charities partnered with Fundzzle to receive money. If they want to collect for both a gift and a charity, organisers will be asked to select what percentage of the collected funds they want allocating to the charity. The information will be shared on the invitations and invitees are given the option to contribute when they RSVP.

Once all the money is collected, Fundzzle will send the payment to the organiser for the group gift and the charitable portion direct to the nominated charity. All funds are held in trust and ring-fenced via payment provider partner Mangopay. There are no fees for charities.

Catherine concluded:

“Our ethos is all about supporting good causes while celebrating special occasions, sustainably.”